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A faux food truck; Call me a sucker but I love marketing gimmicks and Wanchai by Kylin plays it well by making it’s frontage resemble a food-truck and in this process also manages to stand out among all the other food-court counters at Select City Walk.

Serving North-Eastern cuisine, there are the usual favourites like Momos, Rice, Noodles and curries, but Wanchai also serves Khao Suey which is one of my all-time favourite dishes, and is something I usually end up having whenever/wherever I can find it.

Since the entire idea of a food court is having the ability to enjoy different foods, which I did, I was only able to try their Burmese Chicken Khao Suey and the Prawn and Water Chestnut Momos this time.

FullSizeRender (4)The Momos weren’t the best looking, lacking any presentation at all, but the dough was soft and silky and the filling nice and crispy making it perfect to have with or without the chilly sauce.

The Burmese Khao Suey was simply wonderful. Normally Khao Suey is quite spicy and hot, but the version served here was just right, enough to make me sweat a little, but also the chilly didn’t overpower the other ingredients. This made the dish full of flavour and smooth with lots of ingredients that gelled beautifully together. The noodles were soft and slippery making it impossible to eat them without slurping a little (who doesn’t love doing that?) and the boiled egg added both to the flavour and the look of this bowl of goodness. The curry had a strong coconut flavour and the nuts added on top were great as it prevents the dish from being monotonously smooth by making it crunchier.

FullSizeRender (3)Wanchai by Kylin has a limited menu with a lot many of the food items available with different ingredients (vegetarian/chicken/seafood). The service is good and the food certainly tasted and looked fresh. It’s a little nostalgic for those who grew up eating from the roadside Chinese food trucks, but the flavours are certainly more upmarket and interesting.

If you’re at the food-court in Select City Walk, New Delhi, Wanchai by Kylin has to be one of your stops even if it is for something as simple as a side-dish of momos.

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