Caribbean Eats & Beats in Birmingham

Birmingham town center came alive over the weekend with the smells and sounds of the Caribbean Islands. The very first Caribbean Food Festival took place in Victoria Square on June 3rd and 4th and comprised of soothing music, some hip shaking dancing on the streets, friendly happy people all around, tasty punch, and of course delicious food.

The Sun was out and so was the Crowd
The stage is set for some music

It was as if the weather Gods were giving their blessings when the city was graced with two days of pure sunshine – Caribbean weather served with some jerk chicken – with a slight drizzle which to be honest was very tropical in itself.

Coconut and Mangoes… Anyone?

The smell of food being cooked was simply exhilarating. The sounds of the Caribbean made the whole experience all the more fun as you could simply pick a drink or grab a bite and just sit and relax and for a few minutes, or hours if you have that kind of time, wash away your worries. It was as if island life (well, Caribbean island life) was transferred in totality over the big pond and into the heart of Birmingham.

Having watched the popularity of the Birmingham International Food Festival and Birmingham German Market increase tremendously over the years, I have no doubt that the Caribbean Food Festival will only grow in the years to come. It was a pleasant addition to the cultural expansion of the city and an opportunity to try a completely different cuisine.

Beverly Knight during a Meet & Greet
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the music

So make sure that you keep a lookout for the Caribbean Food Fest whenever it happens next by keeping a track of what’s going on in the city.

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  1. that is just great. caribbean culture is expanding. there was a festival in DC last month and there will be the grand daddy of them all. the original in BROOKLYN NY in September and also another one in Canada.


  2. Thanks for the comment Peter. If you have website links for the festivals you mentioned, maybe you can post them here so people can find them. Thank you.


  3. Caribbean Food fest? That sounds interesting. I'm sure the food was as inviting as Caribbean destinations. I'd love to go to one sometime. 🙂
    It's been ages since I had some decent tender coconut. :(.


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