Birmingham food festival drinks

Birmingham International Food Festival

Food! It really is as simple as that; Food from different corners of this planet. The Birmingham International Food Festival is back again. From 9th till 19th June 2011 the air of Birmingham city center (Victoria Square) will have the most wonderful of smells.  Indian, Polish, Vietnamese, German, Caribbean, Swiss… everything is available for you to feast your eyes on, and eventually feast your tummy on. It literally 10 days of pure gastronomical indulgence. Obviously, with food there are a variety of drinks on offer and music which make for a complete package and a festival that should not be missed.

The Festival caters to everyone’s taste and definitely to mine. I will not “review” the food because firstly most of it is cooked in front of you so it is fresh and secondly there’s just so much variety that there has so be something that you will enjoy and remember. However, what I would suggest is try out the different foods and discover something new and exciting for yourself. Last year (since this is a recurring festival) I missed out on some Kangaroo and Crocodile Burgers, so my aim this year is to try those. Venison and Ostrich was what I had tried and loved earlier.
So, just to give you a feel of the atmosphere and as a result entice you to visit, if you live in Birmingham or surrounding areas, I’ll be posting more photographs from the festival in another post. Trust me; the pictures do not do justice to the entire setting, and specially the smells and the tasty food, so make sure you get down here for some lip-smacking goodness.   

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