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Singapore Takeout @ ITC Maurya (Photographs)

Buuuurrrp! Excuse me, but while I savor the delicacies I’ve just had at the Singapore Take Out event held at ITC Maurya in New Delhi, I would like to leave you with some of the photographs I managed to take in-between all the cooking demonstrations and food tastings.

I shall be doing an article on the event in the coming week over here so do keep a lookout for the same.

The Singapore Takeout “Mobile Pop-Up Kitchen”
Meet the Chefs
Fine wine to accompany delicious food
Chef Benjamin Seck giving a cooking demonstration
Preparing Nyonya Prawn Curry
Making Roti Jalal (Lacy Pancakes)
Popiah Goreng (Fried Spring Rolls)
Chef Benjamin Seck
Chef Rajkamal Chopra of Welcomhotel Sheraton
The finger licking Laksa Puloa
Laksa leaves
Chef Benjamin Seck during an interactive cooking demonstration
Nyonya Prawn Curry with Roti Jalal
Chef Manisha Bhasin of ITC Maurya
Chicken Tikka marinated with Laksa Paste with Sweet Basil Naan
Scampi and Lemongrass Cevinche in Methi Dhania Papdi
There is only one way to judge food – empty plates.
The polka dotted Coconut Corn Jelly (Hun Kwee Jagong)

My sincere thanks to ITC Hotels for inviting me to the event along with SPICE (Singapore International Culinary Exchange) and Singapore Tourism for putting up a great culinary experience.

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