Top Tips – Cadbury World, Bournville, England

Situated a stone-throw-away from central Birmingham, UK is Bournville. This quiet little town is of great importance if you, like me, are an avid chocolate eater. It was here that Cadbury’s set up their first factory and it is here that what is now a packaging plant has also become a playground for chocolate lovers young and old.
Cadbury World is a journey into the history of chocolates and the origins of Cadbury. From its humble beginnings to becoming one of the most well-known chocolate brands of the world, the “theme park” is educational, informative, and fun. Unfortunately, you are not going to see actual chocolate being made, and there are parts of the factory that cannot be filmed (the packaging area which you can view but not film), but nevertheless, a visit to the “chocolate factory” is a great day-out with the kids.
While you enjoy some of the photographs, here are some tips if you are planning a visit to Cadbury World;
There is no direct bus service (at least there wasn’t till Mid-2011) from central Birmingham to Cadbury World. The best way to get there is either in your own car (parking available) or by train.
If traveling by train (tickets cost about £3 return from Birmingham New Street) make sure you retain your train ticket to get a discount on the Cadbury World entry ticket. Furthermore, keep in mind that there is a good 10 minute walk from the Bournville train station to Cadbury World.
Visit the Cadbury World website before your go for deals, concessions, and special offers. Sometimes, you will have to take out a print-out of a deal beforehand, so keep that in mind.
Due to safety regulations, only a certain number of people are allowed inside Cadbury World at any given time. So, either book in advance or call before leaving just to make sure you can get entry.
Cadbury World has a large play and picnic area, so it’s always a great idea to carry something to eat and make a nice afternoon lunch out of it. There is a food stall and a restaurant on the property as well.
As part of the entry ticket you are going to get a handful of chocolates as you go through the factory, just so that you know.
Do carry a camera with you, but also keep a lookout for signs which clearly mark the areas where you are not allowed to film.
Lastly, if you have a 4-year-old daughter like mine, make sure you avoid the gift shop in the end…. kidding, let ’em loose I say 🙂

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  1. Since we spend our summers in Birmingham I've been there quite a few times. I like how it has remained the same even after the Kraft takeover (it has happened right?). I think it's great British Heritage and history and love that about it. Thanks


  2. Just from personal experience (our trip with you in November 2006 to Cadbury), if you do feel like buying chocolate in the gift shop after this tour, skip some of the samples, especially the cup of melted chocolate toward the end. It's not especially good marketing because I definitely reached my Cadbury limit for quite some time after the tour. I was good fun though!


  3. You are right, that melted chocolate is pretty heavy. Also they have a discount section in the gift shop for cheaper products. But, I guess the shop is for people to take stuff back to be eaten over a long period of time.

    Overall though a trip to Cadbury does fill up those chocolate cravings for a good week or two.


  4. Awfully tempting to indulge. It always feels good to be in touch with things that have become a passover-thing, generation to generation… Nice.



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