Yo! Sushi – Again!!

I simply can never get enough of sushi so I thought I’d make you all a tad jealous of the delicious food I ate at Yo!Sushi…

For your knowledge… and mine;

Maki – Rice filled rolls wrapped in seaweed (nori).

ISO – Inside out (ISO) rice on outside of seaweed (nori).

Nigiri – Two pieces of rice with topping.

Gunkan (not pictured) – Two pieces of rice wrapped in seaweed with topping.

Hand rolls (not pictured) – A seaweed cone filled with rice and choice of fillings. 

Conveyor Sushi!
Pumpkin Korroke
Call Button – Bright and Orange
Spiced Chicken ISO
Vegetable Tampura
Crispy Salmon Skin ISO
Vegetable Yakisoba – It’s fun trying to eat it too
Vegetable Yakisoba – Up Close & Personal
Soya Sauce
Miso Soup
Cucumber Maki
A happy customer

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