It Runs In The Family – The Travel Food Edition


Isn’t it surprising how many people make fun of us bloggers or Instagramers when we stop and take food photographs before giving our taste buds a treat? I know I get laughed upon by my entire family and the situation now is such that my five-year-old daughter will make sure, on her own, that no one eats on the table before her “papa” has taken photographs of all the food that has been served. Now, this is perfectly fine when we are dining with the family, and I’m perfectly fine with the looks I get from strangers sitting on the tables around us, but in all honesty it is a tad embarrassing when we have social dinners, and I usually keep my trusted camera safely in my pocket, although always on the lookout to sneak in a picture or two.

Nevertheless, imagine MY surprise when I happened to go through the photographs that my parents took during their summer European vacation and found a bunch of food/drink photographs. I guess “it” does run in the family after all. Most of them are from Birmingham, that lovely second city of UK that had so much to offer including food festivals, shopping, cultural and education events, lovely sights, art, and last but certainly not the least many more canals than even Venice. Besides that, there are a few photographs from around France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Do keep in mind that my parents are vegetarians, except for when my Mom travels with me and enjoys the occasional fish in the form of yummy sushi. And, if you end up reading, or rather looking at this post late at night, my condolences because I know you will be wanting a midnight snack right about now…

I think I gained a few kilos by just looking at this photograph,
It’s Pimms time… My mother loves it!
No picnic at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham is complete without some stuffed paranthas and homemade pickle.
Beer and freshly prepared chips… I could live on that.
Idli and Vada in Birmingham … Balle Balle!!
Dosa too… Yup! Birmingham is a delight for foodies
Pretty sure that’s a vegetarian burger.
Do notice the one empty glass of Pimms and the other one ready to be consumed.
Beer and a packet of crisps. Every travelling businessman’s airport meal
Hmmm… always interesting when the alcoholic drink is bigger than your food portion
When in doubt… there is always Pizza Hut

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