Handmade Burger Co.


There is something special about a delicious juicy burger. It can take you to that mystical place some call “food heaven”.

When, my friend Chris and I visited Handmade Burger Co. we were short on time as we had just finished watching two films in the theater and were on our way to the premiere of another film, about to start soon. So, fast food seemed apt, and since the restaurant was nearby and seemed like a good choice, even though neither one of us had ever been there before, we decided to go for it, and what a wonderful decision that turned out to be.

Located right next to a canal in one of Birmingham’s most loved locations, Brindleyplace, Handmade Burger Co. literally spoils you with choices. At first the menu seems simple enough, but a little read though and both Chris and I were left wondering what to order since there was no end to the choices available. Sitting next to the window, as we could watch boats go by in the canal, after about a good ten odd minutes we both finally decided on our food and just in time as, especially for me, mice had started to gnaw the insides of my tummy.

Handmade Burger Co. works on the order and pay first format which in all honesty I prefer since I like that after finishing my food one can leave whenever they want rather than waiting for the bill. The food is served at the table, by friendly staff, and having taken the option of bottomless soda, I was able to get some exercise, albeit by walking to the soda fountain, in-between all the munching.

I had ordered the Greek Burger with extra bacon, because you know, bacon, and was quite satisfied with the size of the burger. The buns were soft (read it again and think of food and nothing else you perverts) and the combination of a juicy and perfectly cooked lamb patty with feta cheese etc. was perfect. It was one of those times where I did not require a condiment with the burger to enjoy it and that always say a lot about the food.

Along with the burger we had ordered a side of hand-cut chips which are highly recommended for being cooked just right and are of just the right size which gives a homemade feel to them. Chris then worked his magic and added some vinegar, salt, and pepper to make them all the tastier.

Unfortunately, since we were in a hurry the lunch did not last long and maybe I wasn’t able to give the food the right amount of time to savor it properly, but nevertheless, it was one of the tastiest lunches ever.

Be it for a quick lunch or a relaxed evening dinner, Handmade Burger Co. makes for a great place to eat. Just remember to hurry and decide on what you want to eat so you can actually spend more time eating and enjoying the food rather than just thinking about it.

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  1. Nice review. I’ve heard a variety of opinions about Handmade Burger Co., some good some bad. It sounds like you are very much a lover and I’m interested to hear more descriptions about the burger itself, why is it any better than a Byron or a Smashburger?…I love nice chunky chips like that in your picture- not all burger places seem to offer them so that’s a huge bonus for me.

    Stay burgery,
    The Baron.

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    • I am a fan, and that has to mostly do with the overall experience, including the burger of course. Whenever I have visited, I have found the staff to be extra helpful, the fries are thick cut and again something I very much appreciate since it is not all that hard to accomplish, yet most places choose to go for the thin ones. As for the burger, there is the variety available, which I honestly cannot compare with the Burger places you have mentioned, but as compared to what one might find in other more popular chains. I have found the buns to be soft, the patties to be juicy and meaty, and the burger on the whole to be full of flavours. Very interested to read more of what you are writing about, and maybe when I visit next will pick some of the places you have written about. Thank you


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