Flip Bistro


Situated at the bustling Galleria Market in the heart of Gurgaon, Flip Bistro with its cafe like setting is perfect to grab a meal at any time of the day.  Having always had a soft spot for places that serve All-Day Breakfast, Flip Bistro gets a big thumbs up based on that alone. The decor is fairly moderate according to the standards of similar restaurants across Delhi NCR but the service is quick and helpful. We did however visit at around 11:00 on a Sunday when the place was pretty much empty. However, at times I have seen it full to capacity, so maybe there was a reason for this lull.

Being a cinephile that I am, and in time for brunch, there are no prizes for guessing what caught my eye on the menu. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang came with a slice of multigrain brown bread and scrambled eggs which were a bit low on seasoning, but then I prefer that as it allows me to add spices according to my tastes. The bangers/sausages didn’t look that great but tasted just fine and the same holds true for the jacket potato which although small in size is an excellent substitute for mashed potatoes. The brownie was just perfect.


The “starter” or what I like to call the “let’s get a small separate side that we can share because there is no way one main course will fill me up” was the Panzarotti; small pockets, Tortellini like, served dry with a dip proved to be pretty tasty with the spinach fillings but were slightly on the cooler side from the inside and if served piping hot would have made a much better impression.

The good thing about having company while visiting any restaurant, besides being saved from boredom, is that one gets to try different foods. So, dipping into what my wife ordered, I found that the Beetroot Spinach Tortellini had a similar filling as that of the Panzarotti and were stuffed well. Nothing bothers me more than when a restaurant tries to save some money by being economical on the stuffing, and thus in this case I was pleasantly surprised and happy. The only negative would be that the tortellini dough was slightly on the harder side. This could possibly be due to the addition of beetroot to the dough. The sauce the tortellini as served in also deserves a mention of the right amount of quantity and taste.

There is definitely a return visit in the cards for Flip Bistro. The place also serves clay oven baked pizzas and that’s on my list the next time I hop in.

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