cherry comit

Sweet Tooth Chronicles

Got a sweet tooth? Staying in or visiting Gurgaon? If yes, then head over to Cyber Hub to try some unique concoctions that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet cravings;


Cherry Comet

Their USP is “instant Ice Cream” which is basically because they use liquid nitrogen to whip up ice cream on order. While my daughter and wife both enjoy what is served here, I feel rather middle of the road about what they serve.

The shop itself has a different kind of a smell, which is a mixture between an experiment lab and an ice cream parlor. They do have outside seating in-case someone has a sensitive nose. The ice cream is made in-front of the customers so that’s always good and fun to watch with the kids.


As for the flavours, amongst the ones I’ve tried, Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla, and Bournvita, the last one is my favourite. The ice creams have a very rich and creamy texture to them and resemble Gelato to an extent.

I believe it is fun to try their flavours on occasion just to have something unique and different, so repeat visits sure are in the cards.

I do have a small “complaint”; after buying the ice cream in a waffle cone, we asked for a cup later as my daughter was finding it difficult to eat from it. We were refused the cup (which is free) because apparently they keep an inventory of the cups and it won’t tally with their accounts. I do hope something can be worked out in this regard on a management level. Still, not a big enough deal to not visit the place again and on top of that the staff was courteous and friendly so that too was a plus.

As for the price factor, two small (but they are not tiny so sufficient) scoops and two waffle cones cost us Rs 400, – I’ll let you judge if that’s expensive or not.

King’s Kulfi

A tiny shop amongst the big brands of the food world at Cyber Hub, Kings Kulfi is simply to die for. Okay, so Kings Kulfi itself is becoming a big brand with a number of outlets across the region, still their presence is rather unassuming here. Nevertheless, they present a pretty impressive assortment of flavours and at acceptable prices (Rs. 40 per Kulfi stick) keeping in view their location and everyday rise in cost of living.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying Kesar, Butterscotch, Tutti Fruity, and their Paan favours which have all turned out to be heavenly. The Nutty Buddy, reminder of the one Nirulas used to (or still does maybe) serve was brilliant.

So, if you’re going to eat at Cyber Hub, I highly recommend that you keep a little space in your tummy for a visit to Kings Kulfi and maybe even try one of their exotic fruit flavoured Kulfis.

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