ambiance mall

Fresc Co.


Oh! How I love Fresc Co. It’s my go to place whenever I’m at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The fact that it’s still one of my favourite places after having eaten there so many times over the years says a lot. I was there during the first week they opened, and still remember the complimentary scrumptious Tiramisu they served us back then.

I’m not going to romanticise the restaurant by saying something like “it’s an oasis in a shopping jungle” or that “it takes me to the Mediterranean seaside”. There’s no escaping that Fresc Co is situating bang in the middle of a mall and squeezed in-between a lane of restaurants. Nevertheless, with its open and outdoor seating area, the light coloured comfortable furniture,  the blue and green stripped table mats, and food with ingredients found commonly in area of the cuisine they specialise in, makes the place welcoming. Add to that an excellent staff and the entire experience of dining at Fresc Co. is a bliss.

Over the years (makes me sound real old that) I’ve had the chance to try a good deal of the menu, but first their Brunch. A decent selection of salads, soup, pizza, pasta, fried portions, other main courses and desserts makes the Brunch a rather well rounded affair catering equally to non-vegetarians and vegetarians. It’s reasonably priced and recommended if you’re really hungry or in desperate need for variety.

Before I forget, Fresc Co. also serves a little complimentary basket of miscellaneous breads to all their guests. Make a little dip using the olive oil on the table and you have something soft and fresh to munch on while you ponder over what to order.

Fresc Co. has a nice range of burgers on offer. Their Cottage Cheese Burger is a great option for vegetarians and tastes wonderful. On the other side of the menu you can have the Black Label Burger with its succulent patty and soft bun making it a must have. And did I mention it has bacon? Well, I should have in the start because we all know you wouldn’t need any other explanation of how fantastic it is once you knew that.

Next we move on to everyone’s favourite, Pizza. Okay not everyone; I know people who don’t like pizza. No, seriously. But, The Four Cheese Pizza (Quattro Formaggi) here is brilliant in all respects. It’s usually possible to taste the different cheeses and that’s always appreciated. The Margarita Pizza, which is a favourite of my daughter (at every restaurant) has a thin and crusty base making it very light on the tummy. Another favourite of mine is the Pizza Siciliana which comprises of various fresh and colourful veggies topped with some feta cheese and olives.

In addition to the above, the Baked Lasagne, presented in a perfectly balanced creamy gravy, has a wonderfully healthy feel to it, thanks to the spinach, despite being heavier side in entirety.


Fresc Co. also has a satisfying selection of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but my personal favourite, and something I truly recommend, is the Coriander Virgin Mary; refreshing, tasty, salty, and something that can be sipped gently so that it lasts your entire meal. Unless you’re a gulper, in which case order another round.

A meal for two at Fresc Co. will set you back by about Rs. 1700,- and that’s in tune with prices at most restaurants similar to this one.

And now, writing this review has given me a major craving for their food, so I must plan a visit soon… Real soon.

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