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Mocha Arthouse


My initial impression about Mocha Arthouse was that it was a place that was being exaggerated about by the “younger” crowd because of its graffiti painted walls and the art wall on the inside (the restaurant is divided into two sections). I’m happy to say that while it doesn’t have the quirky factor of Central Perk (FRIENDS reference people) it does have a modern look that takes the idea of a café a little further in India. It’s more than just about good coffee and their comfortable couch seating up front which is extremely relaxing and laid back is one example of that.

The idea of having an art wall is brilliant because it gives the place an opportunity to constantly change. Many a times a favourite café might lose its charm because for the regulars it eventually becomes a drab even though it infuses familiarity. On top of that the outside seating during Delhi winters is always a hit.

Now, Mocha Arthouse is famous for its Sheesha/Hookahs but since I visited bang in the middle of the afternoon for a quick bite, that option still eludes me till this day. However, their service was good and the staff was courteous which is always appreciated, although with the high and mighty visiting them due to its location in-between Promenade and Emporio Malls, there is a certain standard they obviously need to keep.

I was extremely impressed with the variety of coffees available, and have to say that it’s one of the best coffee menus that I’ve come across in the Delhi NCR region, if not THE best. I tried the Antigua beans, which turned out to be great, but I was more happy to see them being presented in an a actual coffee press.

The Cottage Cheese Panino was quite similar to the what one might find at another coffee shops, nevertheless it did taste good. I personally loved the cottage cheese rolls with their unique texture and taste.

The Fish Balls served on sticks were soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The good food continued with the Farm Fresh Pizza which had a generous amount of veggies on top.

Mocha Arthouse is what you would call a hip place but still maintains a quiet presence with regards to its popularity. People who know about it, like it, but surprisingly it doesn’t come up too much in foodie discussions. That’s something that should/will hopefully change soon.

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