FullSizeRender (4)My search for alternative home-delivered pizza options continues with InstaPizza, a relatively recent addition to the scene that challenges the big chains with gusto and comes moderately close to giving them their money’s worth. It’s not an easy business and everyone’s a critic (including me Ha Ha!) and with varied tastes it does become difficult to satisfy everyone, but InstaPizza is working towards slowly perfecting the art of both good customer service and most importantly good food…however it still has a long way to go.

Using the Zomato Delivery App, ordering from InstaPizza was a breeze. A clear and well explained menu with a good number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the food was delivered on time, with enough condiments (Chilli-flakes and Oregano sachets), and I even got a couple of phone calls for basic clarifications. They do however need to invest in box separators (those tiny plastic tables) to avoid the pizza toppings and cheese getting stuck to the box.

While InstaPizza scores well in the taste department, they do need to work on the visual aesthetics; after all, first impressions can at times be quite lasting. Having ordered four family sized vegetarian pizzas, I found them all to have a somewhat dark look to them, part of which could be that the cheese on top was cooked a tad beyond the crispy brown colour (although it wasn’t burnt) or maybe the ingredients just didn’t show their true colours (and on the off-chance that they did, olives, they just happened to be black). On top of that the Gourmet Salad Pizza and the Margherita had chopped up darkened leaves (Rocket and Basil in the first and only Basil on the second) that further added to this “Emo” look.

Just like we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, sometimes one has to look beyond the visual aspect when it comes to food. InstaPizza is rather generous with the quantities of ingredients they spread over, evenly, on the pizza, except for maybe the basil and rocket leaves. Firstly they need to be full sized and not chopped up to have a more lasting impact and secondly they have to be green and fresh to maintain their flavour profile; both of which was missing. I’ve said this before elsewhere, but the term Gourmet has to be used with care for it automatically raises up the expectations of the customer and even the smallest of ingredients can at times be the downfall of a perfectly well made pizza.

PhototasticCollage-2015-06-16-17-57-52In taste, the Gourmet Salad Pizza scored the highest with what might seem like everyday pizza toppings (mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, rocket and basil leaves, rosemary and black pepper), but surprisingly there was a certain uniqueness in taste and that could possibly be because of the right amount of seasoning.

The Classic Margherita was cheesy as it’s supposed to be but unfortunately I found it to be slightly oily. Although my love for olive oil didn’t deter me from eating a few slices, those that are health conscious or order the Margherita for the kids (as in my case this time); this might prove to be problematic.

The Kalkaji Special is a nostalgic trip to a time when all we had was “Desi pizzas” that many of us have grown up eating from when the big chains were not around (sadly it’s also a reminder that we’re getting old). However, while the rest of the family found it satisfying, the flavours just didn’t work for me personally. I can’t pinpoint as to why, but maybe it was the onions which seemed to have been in excess or maybe it was something completely different, I just can’t tell.

Lastly, the Veggie Deluxe was full of ingredients like corn, capsicum, mushrooms, tomatoes, and topped with red paprika that gave it a spicy tingly flavour. However, as mentioned above, I just wished that it looked as good as it tasted.

InstaPizza offers both thin and thick crust bases and I’m happy to say that their thin crust isn’t too thin (so that you don’t feel cheated) and their thick crust isn’t too thick (so the base doesn’t come across as chewy and dry). Furthermore their Garlic Twist was the champion of the meal; Soft on top, seasoned perfectly with oregano, flaky if you break it, and crispy at the bottom, I would be happy having just the twists for an entire meal. They do add an extra brushing of garlic butter to the base which could be reduced/avoided, although not at the expense of the crunchiness.

IMG_2377InstaPizza does prove to be a nice change from what we’ve all become accustomed to eating when it comes to home delivered pizza. They do have a lot of competition from more up and running similar joints and in this competitive market they are trying hard to stay ahead with interesting price options, especially their combos, which is what we had ordered (Rs. 2200 for four family sized pizzas along with two garlic twists and two one-litre bottles of coke).

Furthermore, what is really working in the favour of InstaPizza is that they seem to be taking the business seriously. I was contacted by InstaPizza afterwards and was very pleased to find that they genuinely took all the feedback (positive and negative) professionally. Not once did they try to justify or even make an excuse for the negatives, but instead asked for alternatives and ideas to make necessary changes. Such customer service is applauding and something other establishments should follow.

InstaPizza certainly has their heart and soul in the right place and it’s always nice to see passionate people working in the industry. Here’s hoping that they tweak up the small issues so that everything is fine tuned and running smoothly real soon.

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