Mixing Business with Food – On the Go in Europe!


You travel the world, you see places, you meet people, you take pictures, you take it all in and try to understand the different cultures. Some of what you see might even shock you, but you carry on, you eat their food, and you upload it all on social media.

That’s present-day travelling in a broad sense for you.

Take the above and remove the sight-seeing, meeting people, discovering cultures aspect and basically remove everything and just leave the part about eating their food and uploading it on social media and what you get is a conventional rushed week-long business trip where country hoping is like changing plates at a restaurant.

I recently went on a 10-day whirlwind business trip to Europe and all that I managed to “click” was city life on the go; tulips at Keukenhof in the Netherlands (a rare day off), and lots and lots of food and drink pictures.

Looking back, these food pictures show the diversity and the variety of options available in Europe and also one of the reasons why I love travelling there.

Here’s a selection of a few foodie favourites from the trip;

Although Fries could be a bit messy, but they along with Croissant make for excellent quick travel food for those long train journeys  between countries.

Although Fries could be a bit messy, they, along with Croissants, make for excellent quick travel food for those long train journeys between countries.

Breakfast of champions

The most important meal of the day, breakfast also happens to be my favourite.

The most important meal of the day, breakfast also happens to be my favorite.

PhototasticCollage-2015-06-24-16-03-29 PhototasticCollage-2015-06-24-16-01-34


A nice chilled beer after a long day can be very soothing. Featured here are two of my favourites; Desperados and an Amstel Radler


Part of the fun, while travelling is enjoying the local specialities, and beer happens to be something that many European countries take pride in. Obviously, fries add that much-needed saltiness and also helps soak in some of that alcohol.


A juicy bacon burger from the Flame restaurant in Amsterdam


It’s no surprise that beer goes rather well with Indian food.


Snippets from the Mayur Vegetarian Sampler in Amsterdam


A “thali” works really well when you want to just have a little bit of everything. Add to that a lovely hot lentil soup and some pakodas and that’s enough to make you forget where in the world you are.

quick bites

Quick bites that help you catch the next train. The AA Drink is something I have been having for more than a decade now whenever I’m in Holland. The Green Coke was something new. The 3 Dutch Farmers Crisps have a very earthy taste to them and the Hummus and Peppadew sandwich was a nice little tummy filler.


Comfort food when travelling has to be PIZZA!


Desserts are a must to end any meal and also this blog post.

PhototasticCollage-2015-06-24-16-06-18 PhototasticCollage-2015-06-24-16-47-42


Hopefully, you’re a little hungry by now, so GO! and have something already.

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  1. Thanks Ilakshee, it’s always fun to find a new favourite while traveling. I think the taste and flavours certainly add to the memories.


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