IMG_1620There’s a beautiful subtle smell of char-grilled meat (sorry vegetarians) that hits you as soon as you walk into Flame, situated across from Amsterdam Central Station, next to the modern chic Hotel Ibis Styles. Even though the name might suggest an urbane restaurant, Flame is more of a modern-cafe/diner with its outside seating, decor, and inside furniture. However, in the evening they light it up to make it more attractive as a bar and casual dining experience.

On a good sunny Dutch afternoon Flame is the perfect place to sit outside, provided you are okay with the crowds and traffic being mere inches away from you, and enjoy a chilled beer as you dig into some steaks. It’s limited when it comes to the vegetarian menu, but they are nice enough to go off the menu a little and help you out if you request them for something special.

As a non-vegetarian, there were ample options to pick from, but all it took was one sideways glance at the words “Bacon Burger” and surprisingly I noticed everything else on the menu just disappear.

I also went ahead and ordered an Amstel Radler, trying it for the first time, which turned out to be the perfect drink complimenting the heavy meaty burger with its light and fruity taste.

IMG_1622 IMG_1623The Bacon Burger was a sight to see with a thick shiny perfectly cooked meaty patty, oozing cheese on bright fresh tomatoes and gherkins, and of course clean salad and rocket leaves amalgamating together to give a nice, big, juicy burger (I hope the photos do justice to it). Add to that a side of thick cut potato fries and this was just what I needed after a long day of travel.

Flame is an excellent place to have a relaxing sit-down whether or not you plan on eating. It’s not expensive considering the location and the portions are good enough for one person to fill up comfortably. The staff is friendly and all smiles which in turn leads to the service being perfect. The food at Flame might not be revolutionary, but it is wholesome and good food that is satisfying to the tummy and the mind.

IMG_1619It’s a tough business running a restaurant in Amsterdam with the city providing so many options and a multitude of flavours and cuisines, but Flame certainly has its feet planted well into the culinary experience of the city making it one of the few place you should keep a look out for the next time you’re in its vicinity.


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