Food Truck Review – Frugurpop

IMG_2925…and they finally find a way to feed me some fruits.

Who would have thought that all it would take is freezing and planting them inside popsicles?

It was about time we had an Ice-Cream van in the city. The last few years had seen a massive decline in ice-cream availability even during the scorching summer months. But, there has been a revival of sorts, both from some of the well known brands and also with newer international brands like Magnum entering the market. On top of that it is a pleasure to see more innovative attempts being made by individuals as is the case with Frugurpop.

A “food-truck” if you may, although I’d like to refer to it as an Ice-Cream Van, Frugurpop makes what they call “Handcrafted Gourmet Popsicles”. Considering they offer a nice assortment of flavours using equally fun and refreshing ingredients, the tag of being gourmet suits them; and then again by putting a Tiramisu and a Mango Cheese Cake on a Popsicle in itself deserves some recognition.

Before we get into the flavours, there is the whole issue of the location, which according to me isn’t central enough. I am sure the owners have their reasons for this and people must be visiting them, else they would have moved, but I honestly don’t think I can visit them again without using Maps (which is how I managed to find them this time around after asking for directions). Still, it is in a relatively less crowded area so parking is easy.

A hot and humid summer afternoon is the perfect time to visit Frugurpop. You automatically have a desire for something sweet and icy cold and then having to come across some of the most distinct flavours, including their fruit filled Fruitilicious, is a sight for sore eyes.

IMG_2932The wonderful aspect about Fruitilicious is that it’s visually pleasing (and let’s be mindful about the fact that the fruits won’t set perfectly and equally in all the popsicles), healthy and full of flavour due to the fruit slices, and the base that the fruits are set in has a lovely after taste that just binds everything together. Fruitilicious is really light and definitely one of their preparations you have to try.

IMG_2929Moving towards a “heavier” Popsicle, Tiramisu is very much dessert like, something you would find in a restaurant, frozen a little, and placed on a stick of course. It has that slightly bitter taste that coffee brings and the chocolaty texture that makes it so much more than a chocolate bar that we all are so used to having.

IMG_2947The Triple Berry Popsicle is all about the colour. The deep crimson has a striking first impression and the first bite (all subsequent ones too) is full of the juiciness that makes berries so succulently good. The taste is a little grape juice like, but then you get textural reminders of the freshness as tiny pieces of berries making the Popsicle somewhat chewier. Although, the Popsicle is made with berry juice and since there are no added preservatives, colours, flavours, you get crushed berries and their skins in a few bites which are just delightful.

IMG_2954Now, what stands out about the Mango Cheese Cake, besides the fact that it does tastes quite like a cheese cake, is the chocolate covering that not only makes it look good due to the contrasting colours, but also brings a little sweetness to the cheesiness of it all. Obviously there is the added charm of having anything Mango in this season.

IMG_2996Finally, the Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade is a throwback at the Orange and Lime Bars that most of us grew up on (unless you are one who was born in the latter half of the 90s). This is a healthier option with a predominantly strawberry taste but you get a hint of kiwi and the kiwi seeds are quite visible, plus you don’t get that artificial coloured tongue at the end.

IMG_2931With prices ranging from 100 to 150, Frugurpop is a slightly expensive venture, but remember that you are paying for uniqueness and tastes that aren’t easily available (if at all) elsewhere in this form. There’s a certain excitement in trying all the flavours and I bought home a few (yes, I didn’t have all of them in one go) because curiosity got the best of me and I truly was eager to see how they pan out.

It’s not a bad idea to take a short drive and find Frugurpop because it presents what we all desire and demand for, food (Popsicle is food too) that is “zaraa hatke”(Slightly different). Add to that the novelty value of having it served out of an ice-cream van and you’ve got a sure shot winner right there.

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