IMG_2740Execution, Execution, Execution; I feel like Gordon Ramsay shouting at the top of his lungs at amateur cooks in a game show. Although, you need not to worry for there won’t be any heads rolling on the ground today.

Just like a good restaurant needs a good location to be successful, tasty food needs exceptional presentation to stand apart, but more importantly it needs to be executed perfectly.  Yes, looks matter, more so in the world of desserts.

Häagen-Dazs is as premium as ice-cream can get around here and they do deserve the fame for providing the most delicious of flavours. The rich creamy texture to their ice-creams, that brings alive the taste buds, is God sent.  It’s a chain that has a long standing reputation around the world and rightly so.

The Häagen-Dazs outlet in Select City Walk mall has very cool chic furniture with large cosy single sofas which are so inviting that when you sit on them you end up almost falling, literally. Sadly, the quality isn’t the best and actually sitting on them isn’t as comfortable as one would expect. Nevertheless, this is just superficial as it comes down to what they have to offer that matters in the end.

While on the one hand there is a revolution (execution at the start of the review and now a revolution; there seems to be a bubbling revolutionary in me it seems) of sorts taking place in India where restaurants are going out of their way to present food in the most ingenious of ways, Häagen-Dazs isn’t that far behind with their amazing, I could frame this up, displays. But, and this one is really with a Big B (not the actor, silly), their execution leaves a lot to be desired. There’s no point having beautiful printed menus and having some of the most enticing concoctions, when they can’t be executed to perfection.

IMG_2741Take the Crepe Blitz for example; What was meant to be four beautifully even scoops of different flavoured ice-creams (Cookies & Cream, Praline & Cream, Caramel Biscuit, and Strawberry) wrapped up in soft crepes like new born babies being brought out for the first time to meet their parents, turned out to be something of a disappointment on arrival.

It’s like a line up at the police station. No matter how much you try to avoid, as you walk past all the supposed culprits, you’ll automatically be drawn towards the one culprit with the runny nose, whether or not he is guilty. So while the flavours were extraordinary, the cream perfectly sweet, the crepes so soft that I could wrap them around myself, leaving the babies to find their own blankets, I can’t help but come back to that one scoop that was responsible for the puddle at the end of the plate. Yes, that poor soul stood out like a sore thumb, leaking away as if it had been caught red-handed doing the most heinous of crimes. His companions, even though all sized differently, were a lot better and healthier and stood their ground till the time I ate them and then like good little sweet soldiers dissolved away in perfection.

Paying close to Rs.700 for a dessert, when in most restaurants a person could have an entire meal for that much, I believe all aspects of the food need to be perfect. Once again, the flavours, the crepes, the crunchiness from the nuts on top, the idea behind the entire presentation are at the top of their game, and the service is prompt with a courteous staff, but the execution of the splendid offerings missed its mark. A little fineness, a tiny bit more attention to detail, and that spark of passion and interest in the food you serve can go a long way, and I hope it has jumped ahead by leaps and bounds by the time I visit again because unfortunately this time round it just stopped short before the finish line.

IMG_2743All said and done, Häagen-Dazs is a cut above most ice-cream vendors. It’s not just expensive ice-cream without reason, for it gives the right kind of importance to ice-cream that it so rightly deserves and goes on out of the way to put it on a pedestal with a bright shiny spotlight on it.

Wait! Maybe that’s the reason for the puddle; the heat from the spotlight could be the real culprit?

Nonetheless, I can’t wait to try their gorgeously looking Eiffel Tower the next time around.

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