FullSizeRenderAs I think about Drift I find it difficult to categorise it; it’s not exactly a fine dining restaurant and nor is it one of those new-age restaurants that open every day and close every third day. There’s certain cosiness about Drift, a sense of familiarity and nostalgia even. The tables by the big glass windows are by far the best even though you don’t get any particularly exciting view, but the ambience is in general very subtle throughout the restaurant and if not exceptionally eye-catching it is certainly not dull either.

I’ve been to Drift a good number of times since it opened and have always found the staff to be welcoming and friendly. During my last visit it was the same but I did sense a hint of aloofness among the waiting staff. It’s always very disappointing when this happens, as it shows a lack of interest on part of the hosts that eventually reflects back on the customers. Still, there wasn’t anything majorly wrong with the service throughout the entire meal.

Situated in Epicentre, which is a sister concern of India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, Drift serves a nice little mixture of Indian and Asian cuisines. On previous occasions the Indian food has been commendable and quite tasty with the right amount of piquancy and full of flavours. Although I personally haven’t experienced it, but I am told that they also have one of the best buffets in town. Again, its food that won’t make you ecstatic but it is food that will satisfy all your cravings and will impress you enough to return.

IMG_3495This time though, the Vegetarian Kabab Platter was a disappointment. The Tandoori Bharwan Aalloo in it was too hard to chew on and the texture felt weird when eaten. The Dahi ke Kabab was perfectly done, but the Adrak Mattar Ki Shammi was too bitter to be enjoyed to its full potential. Normally the Mattar (Peas) should have dominated the kabab with its slightly sweet taste, but it lacked this much needed concentration on the primary ingredient. Lastly, the Paneer tikka was just about passable.

Sadly more dissatisfaction followed with the Hot and Sour Soup which was a tad spicy (I know, I Know, it’s supposed to be “HOT”), but what bothered me more was that it was too acidic making each sip linger in the back of the mouth far too long with a metallic like taste.

The Asian main course was definitely the saving grace with the Hor Fun Flat Rice Noodles being something new and full of beautiful seasoning and flavour. While ordering we had had enquired about the least hot curry and were recommended the Penang. The Curry looked delicious with a bright reddish-brown colour and turned out to be wonderful and zesty. A latter addition to the meal was the Garlic Fried Rice which came gleaming with fresh and shiny colourful vegetables and complimented everything else on the table.

FullSizeRender (1)At the time of our visit Drift was also hosting a pop-up counter for The All American Diner which is situated at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, and it being one of my favourite places to eat, I ordered the Sunrise Skillet from their menu. Unfortunately, that too was below par and you can read a little about it in my review of the All American Diner.

In terms of value for money, Drift is quite nominal and in tune with other restaurants of similar nature and that further makes it favourable for me.

Out of all my visits to Drift, this very last one was the most unsatisfactory and the reason why they lost some crucial brownie points with me. Even though I’m being a little harsh on them, I still will visit them again, but with so many new eating places opening on an almost daily basis the completion is getting tougher and Drift should keep in mind that they need to be different and exceptionally good in terms of service and food to remain noticeable in this aggressive market. What it now needs is a WOW factor and I hope they find it soon enough.

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