Quick Bites: Volume 1

Ever so often I’ll return to a restaurant I like and find something new or exciting that I haven’t covered in my review. It becomes quite a task to redo a review every time I visit a place and I save that only if there’s a marked increase or decrease in the quality of the food and or service.

As a result, I’ve started with Quick Bites, which will feature particular foods/dishes served by restaurants that either I’ve covered already or for some reason don’t want to cover on the blog. This will also give me a chance to feature food that isn’t linked to any particular place (Ice cream for example). This is Volume 1 of the series which will cover anywhere from three to five items per volume. 

IMG_4019Magnum Choco Cappuccino: I have to give credit to the folks at Magnum for having the guts to release this ice-cream. Even though there is a huge trend of people wanting to eat dark chocolate with nothing short of 78% cacao, which obviously tends to be on the bitter side, ice-cream in general is preferred sweet. This new flavour though is bitter, probably the bitterest ice-cream I’ve had locally. Nevertheless, it is delicious with a soft creamy inside and a crunchy chocolate outer layer. Not sure how popular it will be and thus if bitter is what you like, have a go at it now, before it disappears (although I hope it doesn’t).

IMG_4113The Mr. Sloppy Chic Burger: Another visit to Eggjactly and this time it was to taste their signature and much talked about Mr. Sloppy Chic Burger. Even though the “keema” filling inside this huge meaty burger is second only to the one I like at What the Truck? just round the corner, and even though it is slightly spicy and hot, it is packed with good flavours and definitely justifies the name that has been bestowed upon it because I had to, in the end, eat it with a fork and knife, lest my sloppiness along with the sloppiness of the burger would be nothing short of a disaster.

IMG_4104Waffle with Toffee Sauce and Mango: Another Eggjactly specialty that could do with a tad bit more quantity of the toffee sauce (nice and smooth) and obviously with mango season biding us goodbye an alternate fruit. Nevertheless, the combination works well together and the warmth of the waffle and toffee sauce with the freshness of the mango is scintillating for the taste buds. However, I will keep on pestering the folks at Eggjactly to add a dollop of whipped cream with their waffles which is much needed to make this a perfect bite.

IMG_4051Raj Kachori: Street food at its best. If you’re from the Delhi NCR region, you either eat from Kaleva or you don’t know about it at all, because there is no other middle ground. The Dahi Bhalla is another essential eat from Kaleva, but it is the Raj Kachori that is the best you can find anywhere around here. An explosion of flavours in every bite ranging from spicy to sweet and sour to wholehearted satisfaction (I know it’s not a flavour smarty pants). Although it is always recommended to have the Raj Kachori in the restaurant, but they also pack it up nicely keeping all the ingredients separate to avoid it from getting soggy. If you’re on a trail to experience the best food that is available in Delhi, Kaleva is the place to visit and Raj Kachori is the thing to eat.

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