For Foodies

IMG_4298It’s safe to say that when a new idea pops up in someone’s mind and is implemented to even moderate success, it doesn’t take long before that idea becomes a trend and everyone starts to follow it. I don’t know who rejuvenated the delivery-only food system in Gurgaon, but it’s at an all time high right now.

For Foodies is another establishment that falls in this category, one that serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes including Biryani, Kababs, Rolls, Thali, and proper North Indian curry meals. There’s no “gimmick” here about the food being healthy. It’s supposed to be simple and wholesome without any fanfare around it.

Loaded with a Rs. 600 Zomato discount voucher I called up For Foodies to place the order and was rather happy with the conversation in which it took only a couple of minutes to explain that I was going to use a voucher and then place the order. The staff was courteous and after a long time I didn’t feel irritated trying to tell someone what I wanted to eat, over the phone.

The food arrived on time with SMS alerts beforehand (technology at its best) informing me of the progress. The packaging was what one would commonly find that kept the food hot and from spilling all over.

My order ended up being for approximately Rs. 800, which included their Kabab Biryani Combo, Hakka Noodles, and Diced Potatoes in Honey Garlic Sauce. They also sent a bottle of Coke along with the order which is much appreciated. The cost might seem slightly on the higher side, but considering that the quantities were enough for three adults to eat wholeheartedly, it was fair.

IMG_4374The Vegetarian Hakka Noodles turned out to be slightly nostalgic, a reminder of the noodles those are often found at roadside noodle-momo stalls in Delhi, and were smooth and slippery, probably because they were a tad greasy, but came with a fair share of vegetables.

The Diced Potatoes in Honey Garlic Sauce had a rather unique flavour. Not exactly reminiscent of anything I’ve eaten to represent the Orient; it came close to a potato in gravy dish that we North Indians often make at home. Nevertheless, it tasted just fine and went well both with the noodles and the biryani.

Now, while the Paneer Tikka served in the combo was disappointing, and also lacked the Aachari aspect, as it bordered (or maybe even crossed the line) on being burnt, the Mirchi ka Salan and the Burani Raita were both delicious. I did skip the mirchi and just took the gravy, but the flavours were wonderful that worked in unison with the ultra smooth raita on top of the vegetable biryani. Sadly, the Biryani could have done with a little more of both these sides in terms of quantity. The same also stood true for the paneer tikka that was just two normal squares of paneer cut in half. The biryani however took a middle stand primarily because the rice was a little chewy even though the grain used was of medium-long length. Maybe it needed a little more time to cook and although it was spiced just right, the flavours weren’t dominant enough and that is something that could be worked on. In totality I was happy with it but it didn’t leave me longing for more.

I did notice that the food in general was not very oily (except maybe the noodles) and the heaviness one feels after a meal was absent, so for a change I didn’t have that sensation of being over-stuffed.

IMG_4302For Foodies is popular because their food is acceptably good but most importantly they are open 24 hours a day, which means they are there for your midnight cravings. For a home delivery of this quality that serves food at anytime, as long as they keep the standards the same or maybe increase the taste a tad, I feel they have something good going for them.

The delivery-only module works well for the office going individual who doesn’t have time to prepare lunch, but what For Foodies does is take it a notch higher and by being a 24 hour operation they are able to capture a whole different customer base, and that is exactly where and only why I would order again from them.

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