Sunday Food Chat (@SundayFoodChat)

image1There’s a new kid in town and it’s ready to gobble up everything that’s placed in-front of it. The team (Raghav and Sudha) behind The Sunday Book Club had been contemplating starting a food chat for quite some time now. In fact, the idea was often brought up in team meetings (which are basically long phone calls), put on hold (puns are always intended) for one reason or another, but mostly due to fear of added work load.

Since food is such an integral part of our lives (sublet sarcasm at play here) and because India and the rest of the World is going through a culinary revolution- be it about eating healthy, molecular gastronomy, or food shows on TV – we figured that this was the right time to try and start a chat that would not only look at all aspects of food, but also hopefully in the long run become a community of sorts where food lovers (especially on Twitter) can connect and exchange information.

The theory behind @SundayFoodChat is similar to what we’ve been doing for the past three years with our book chat. Every Sunday, starting at 20:00 Indian Standard Time, we will discuss one topic. We will tweet one question every 10 Minutes based on the weekly topic. What you have to do is simply participate and let us and everyone else know your views by engaging in meaningful debates. Each session will consist of 6 questions and will last an hour, which we hope will leave you salivating enough. You can then go and make your mother proud by finishing your entire Sunday dinner afterwards.

cropped-106a5-photo_5b0p2.jpgIn addition to our weekly chat on Sunday, we also have three hashtags for you to use;

#SFCFoodPics can be used any day of the week (except for when #SundayFoodChat is in progress) and is for sharing food pictures that have been clicked by you. We encourage you to also tell us about what features in the photograph – the food, where you ate it, and how you found it to be.

#SFCLunchBox is our Tuesday only hashtag where we request you to share your Lunch photographs of the day.

#SFCSaturdayDrinks is about drinks of any kind. While we all enjoy food, drinks always add to the eating experience. So, out Saturday only hashtag is for you to share photographs that are drink related.

We are also open to you sharing your personal blog reviews and newspaper articles on Twitter with us, but we cannot ReTweet each and every one of those, so please do keep that in mind.

cropped-7c100-photo1.jpgHere is some basic information about #SundayFoodChat;

The chat will be on every Sunday at 20:00 IST and will  last one hour.

One question will be tweeted every ten minutes based on the topic of the week.

We will announce the topic of the week prior to the event during the week.

We appreciate you sharing food photos during #SundayFoodChat but only those that relate to the topic.

Kindly refrain from using the chat and the @SundayFoodChat platform as a way of promoting your own or anyone else’s business. If you want to do a collaboration, kindly get in touch with us via email or DM.

Please respect everyone’s views and participate in a healthy debate.

Profanity, against any establishment or person will not be tolerated.

Although it is not compulsory, we truly appreciate if you can ReTweet the questions we post.

Please do use the hashtag #SundayFoodChat while answering the questions and also mention the question number. This will help in everyone following #SundayFoodChat to see your tweets and also is the best way to find likeminded people who share the same passion for food as you do.

Even though we have been doing #TSBC for three years #SundayFoodChat is something new and there will be a few bumps along the way, so kindly be patient if we make mistakes.

We already have a Sunday Food Chat Facebook page which you can like, although our main focus is on Twitter for now.

We once again thank you for all the support that we’ve got even before our first chat and hope that this can become something we all enjoying participating in together.

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