Food Truck Review – Something Saucy

image1It won’t be long before Gurgaon gets named the food-truck capital of India. Just the other day, while driving back through a certain section of Gurgaon – Sector 29 – that has become a foodie haven thanks to numerous restaurants, I counted a total of 6 food-trucks parked within a few meters of each other. This is definitely a sign of good things to come including hopefully a designated area where all the trucks can be parked together.

I am a sucker for food-trucks, and if you follow my blog, which you most certainly should, you’re already aware of this. I love the concept, I enjoy the variety, I love the casualness of it all, and most of all, I love the idea of food-truck hopping, which is something I’ve started doing. Yes, bar hopping is so last decade, so juvenile, the newest fashionable thing to do is food-truck hoping, and it helps if they are parked near each other.

Something Saucy is the newest addition to this group, and one that is slightly different because it offers a nice combination of Western, Indian, and Asian flavours along with a few fusion options. The basics are the same with fries, pasta, noodles and rice, but they’ve gone a step ahead and given the customers options in the form of sauces that are quite unique in taste.

Something Saucy is classic food-truck in looks and operations with a wipe-board menu displaying the daily specials, enthusiastic and friendly management, and most importantly well priced food. I especially liked that their printed menu has a detailed description of all the sauces they have on offer. Many-a-times, even in restaurants, there’s a lack of basic information on display which leads to unnecessary questioning of what ingredients are in which dish. An informative menu can simplify this and also serve as an easy reminder to regular customers of what they’ve already tried.

image2First visits to restaurants can be exciting but they also make me nervous. There’s the enthusiasm linked with trying new food which unfortunately comes with the fear of how it will turn out to be. So, as a practice I try and mix it up and order a few specials along with other dishes that seem interesting in the menu. Keeping up with my tradition, I decided upon the Cola BBQ Fries, Desi Chicken Tacos, Noodles with Creamy Pepper Sauce, and lastly Banta for the drink at Something Saucy.

I’m a huge Banta fan not only for the taste but its presentation, so you can imagine my disappointment when it came in a plastic glass rather than the iconic Banta bottle. However, the taste was spot on which provided a lovely zing in-between bites of food. Now, if only the management can find a way to serve it in the original retro bottle, although deep down in my heart I already know it’s not entirely feasible.

The Cola BBQ Fries came laden with pieces of boneless chicken and a warm gooey sauce on top which was a great way to add some punch to the mundane fries that we get at most fast food restaurants. Even though the fries are thin cut (I always prefer thick cut and preferably hand-cut) the sauce and the vegetarian/non-vegetarian alternatives make them more than just a side dish. At the time of eating the sweet and sour tasting sauce I kept thinking that the cola flavour was evident enough, but the smell and an after-taste that is predominantly cola-like suggests that no alterations are required. The fries were cooked well and remained crunchy for a while even after having the hot sauce poured on them. The chicken though had a few chewy pieces, possibly because they were cooked in small pieces which would make then dry faster, and would be appreciated more if the pieces are a little juicy and tender or else crunchier even. The Cola BBQ Fries are another good example of the variety one can expect at food-trucks and this kind of experimentation is always welcomed by food enthusiasts the world over.

image3A different kind of experimentation continued when a classic all-time-favourite Indian food came in a more Western (read: Spanish) avatar. The Desi Chicken Tacos had pieces of chicken tikka – nice and although I wouldn’t call it succulent, it serves it’s purpose of being tasty and moist enough to be enjoyed thoroughly – inside semi-thick rotis (Chapatis) topped with fresh, crunchy, and cool (as opposed to the warm chicken) salad. This localized dish is an interesting idea that works because the Roti is a little tough which saves it from becoming soggy. I found the spice levels to be just right for me but if you like your food to be on the spicier side, I’m sure they can do that for you.

image4Before you think how in the world is this guy eating so much, especially considering most of you haven’t seen me or my ever expanding belly, I do count in food that is eaten by family or friends who are with me, which they so graciously allow me to try. So, the Noodles with Creamy Pepper Sauce that my wife ordered consisted of smooth, soft noodles in a very peppery but super creamy sauce. I know it says pepper in the name, but if the quantity can be toned down a little, the flavours of the dish would certainly come out more.

Something Saucy is good value for money for providing food in the Rs.100 – Rs.200 range and their quantities being more than enough for one person. It’s also a food-truck I’d love to try more from because they are serving something different from the others, especially the option of various sauces. I usually hold my judgment on an establishment till I’ve eaten there a few times (just my judgment, not my reviews), but for now Something Saucy looks like a solid and welcomed addition to the food-truck revolution in Gurgaon.

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