The 100 Dessert Buffet

IMG_5656A 100 Dessert Buffet. Say it again, a 100 Dessert Buffet. You need to say it a few times before the enormity of it all sinks in. That’s one hundred, not fifty, not seventy five, not even ninety nine, but a hundred desserts laid out to eat.

Now, let’s get a few things straight; there’s no way in hell I was going to attempt trying to eat all 100 and nor did I have the patience and time to actually count if there were a hundred of them. For that, I’ll just take the word of the folks at Spectra, The Leela in Gurgaon where these desserts had been specially showcased by the restaurant and their patisserie.

Divided into three sections; one for desserts from the West, one featuring some unique (for me) preparations from Asia (predominantly Japan), and a whole separate section for Indian sweets which was apt considering we are in India and the fact that we have a lot of sweets across different regions of the country.

I got around to trying about 30 odd desserts. That’s trying, which is different from eating the entire portions. Invited by Eazy Diner (it’s a restaurant reservation application in-case you haven’t heard of them as yet), tagging my family along with me (yes, there are some perks to all of this), I started off with full gusto picking the most interesting looking and sounding desserts, but it didn’t take long before all our plates merged into one, and slowly, from eating full portions, I as well as the rest, downgraded to simply taking a spoonful or two in order to taste as many desserts as humanly possible.

IMG_5456 IMG_5663From these 30 odd that I tasted, there were a few hits – the chocolate sushi being my favourite – and a few misses that consisted of mainly Indian sweets which were just too sweet for my palate. The entire spread was a fabulous mixture of delicacies that would have given any normal human a sugar rush just from looking at it. That both my kids did end up with a sugar-rush and what a night it played out to be is a story for another time. What I enjoyed about the buffet, besides the variety, was the range of the preparations in terms of sweetness and that there were dishes with only a hint of sugariness (Thai Mung Bean Pudding) to the overtly sugary options (Ras Malai).

I’m also not going to go through the entire lot that I tasted because that’s unnecessary. When there is such an assortment on offer, it’s normal to like a few from the selection and not appreciate others for various reasons. Instead, I’ll just leave you with photographs to salivate over and maybe feel a little jealous because what’s the fun of going to an event such as this and not making others envious about it? And if you are the calorie counting type… Beware! I shall not be held responsible if the following makes you change your mind about sweets.

IMG_5654 IMG_5463 IMG_5655 IMG_5457 IMG_5657 IMG_5458 IMG_5658 IMG_5652 IMG_5464 IMG_5653 IMG_5462 IMG_5664 IMG_5648 IMG_5660 IMG_5651 IMG_5649 IMG_5662 IMG_5661 IMG_5665 IMG_5650 IMG_5659

Note: This post has been written on my own accord and was not a requirement as part of attending the event. 

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