Quick Bites: Volume 3

There are very few places that I look forward to re-visiting. With so many choices and new restaurants opening regularly, it’s becoming difficult to convince family members and friends to visit a place they’ve eaten at before. Everyone wants to try a new place and be seen at the newly opened hot and happening restaurant.

Still, occasionally I’ll succeed in going back to a restaurant I like and try something new, a dish that I overlooked in the past maybe, or something they’ve introduced recently. SodaBottleOpenerWala and Mocha Arthouse are both places that I’ve enjoyed in the past. Although there was something a little off with the inside seating at Mocha – the outside seating was full even on a scorching afternoon with people smoking hukkas – the food was reliable and tasty. SBOW on the other hand gave me food that went straight into the favourites list;

IMG_5937 IMG_5952Toblerone Mousse at SodaBottleOpenerWala – I’m not a dessert person. Wait! Let me try to explain that. I’ve got a sweet tooth and I love everything sweet so-much-so that often I tell people that I have tea in my sugar and not the other way round. It’s just that when eating out, I never pay much attention to dessert focusing all my energy primarily on appetizers, then the mains, and if there’s space left – hardly ever – I’ll think about dessert. However, I’m all for community dessert eating so I’ll readily take a bite or sometimes ten, from what my company orders. I recently had the opportunity to try again this delectable dessert. Served with a piece of Toblerone chocolate and a biscuit, the mousse is the real winner here being soft, gooey like, and having just the right amount of sweetness to it. A cup is enough for two adults, but it’s not heavy for there’s a certain lightness to it all. When visiting a Parsi restaurant, the Mawa cake is considered essential eating, but if you’re in SBOW, you cannot, and I repeat, cannot, leave without trying the Toblerone Mousse.

IMG_5931The Bhendi Bazaar Seekh Parantha at SBOW – Juicy, soft, succulent, and every other word that can possibly be used to describe a good kebab is what the Bhendi Bazaar seekh is. Named and inspired from the kebab served at Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar, there’s a lot of flavour in each bite that goes beautifully with the parantha that is a lot like what we call up North as a bhatura only flatter. The kebabs are slightly high on the chilli factor but the spices that are mixed together are wonderful and the hotness gives a good kind of high that helps increase the flavours. I’m sure many will claim that they’ve had better kebabs elsewhere, but the Bhendi Bazaar Seekh Parantha has become one of my favourites after only the first try and is one of the best mainstream restaurant kebab dishes I’ve had in a long time.


Mini Pizza Platter at Mocha Arthouse – When I ordered the Mini Pizza Platter I expected something a little less classy and more kid friendly. What I was surprised to receive was four well made and nicely topped pizzas that tasted as good as they looked. Although the base was a little thick and thus a bit chewy in the middle, the different toppings were fresh and simple with a generous amount of cheese. The platter is slap bang in the middle of what one would make at home and a pizza one expects to receive in a pizzeria, but as an appetizer it works real well.

IMG_6147 IMG_6149The Morning After Sandwich at Big Fat Sandwich – The find-of-the-day at the recently held Grub Fest in the city; Crusty bread, oozing cheese, bacon (could have been a little crispier), and a couple of different leaves, this is one sandwich that can make you forget about your hangover or better still bring a smile to your face during your walk of shame (unless you already have a smile for other reasons). What sealed the deal for me though were the thick cut fries they serve in place of the half dead thin ones usually found or the reincarnated frozen ones others serve. The folks at Big Fat Sandwich showed a lot of promise and I can’t wait to taste more from the menu.

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