Jake’s Coffee Box

Jake's Coffee Box

A cute novelty “coffee shop” if there ever was one. The offerings are as tiny in number as the property they are made in – although sufficient if like me you get irritated with establishments trying to please everyone and every taste – but it’s the ingenuity behind the shop that caught my interest.

Jake’s Coffee Box is exactly that, a coffee “shop” inside the iconic British red telephone box. Situated just round the corner from Victoria Square in Birmingham, the idea is so simple that you’d wonder why no one had done this till now.

Flat White and Potato Bomb

The coffee, a Flat White, with a hint of froth on top – enough to give me a milky mustache (The Got Milk? kind) – and a subtle coffee taste as it should be in this case. Being a non-coffee drinker – except for cold coffee – this for me was as good as hot coffee gets.

Potato Bomb

Even with a limited selection of snacks on offer the Baked Potato Bomb caught my eye primarily because of the name and secondly because it did look deliciously good. In a nutshell, the Baked Potato Bomb was your everyday Aaloo Samosa only it wasn’t shaped liked one and wasn’t greasy having been baked and not fried. The outside nevertheless had a beautiful yellow-golden colour with a moderate crunch – unlike the often found slightly hard shell of a samosa – but extremely flaky and filled to the max with Potatoes and julienne carrots – giving the Potato Bomb a somewhat slightly sweet taste. The spice level was to my liking – low – and although in the end I technically only had a samosa – nothing new – but it was a damn good one.

In between bites I had a quick chat with Jake as well – who came across as friendly and genuinely interested in providing a good product – and I have to praise him on opening his little coffee shop right across from Starbucks – it takes guts.

Jake's Coffee Box Birmingham

Jake’s Coffee Box is all about the little guys, the independents, the underdogs; everyone loves them and everyone wants them to succeed. What’s encouraging is that this is not a hobby and it already shows creativity and passion to be different and do something distinctive.

This could possibly be the start of a new trend. If Jake’s Coffee Box continues to do well and with a little limelight thrown in for good measure, what’s stopping the others from making the most of the iconic red telephone boxes across the nation; a bookshop maybe, a stationery shop, or a pop-up clothes show. The alternatives are, as they say… endless.


40 thoughts on “Jake’s Coffee Box

  1. Oh, that is so much fun!! The kids would absolutely love this!! I was wondering, in the day of cell phones in every pocket, if the red boxes were even around anymore. Glad to know this one is and has been repurposed. I’m going to tweet this – traveling parents will love knowing they can show the iconic box to their kids!

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  2. What a fun concept for a photo shoot. I actually like to support small businesses like this because they are the ones who tend to take good care of their customers, albeit few. Meanwhile, big name coffee shops just seem to lack genuine customer service nowadays. I would definitely pick small joints like this over Starbucks (at least if I could find something like this!

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  3. Birmingham is our home town! We have lived in Korea for two years, so we are pretty out of touch with everything happening in Birmingham. Looking forward to trying this place out when we return in July! Can’t wait to get our hands on the Potato Bomb it looks so good! Thanks for the recommendation.

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  4. How did he get permission to use the phone box or was it just an abandoned one, I guess he still would need permission. Never the less this was a great idea, using a traditional piece of England to open a coffee shop. People like it when things are simple and straight forward.

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  5. I love that he’s operating out of a telly box, how cute! I wonder if he had to get a special permit to use the space. The potato bomb looks DELISH- I’m not a coffee drinker either but I’d totally stop by for a quick bite. I see that they have brownies as well!

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  6. You are exactly right! Everyone wants the little guy to succeed. If I saw Jake’s across from a Starbucks, I would definitely choose Jake’s! It’s a cool concept, and that potato bomb looks incredible!

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  7. Wow this is quirky. Love the telephone box and you are right, it really does take guts to open your shop opposite Starbucks, but it really does work as some people want to make a point to avoid big chains like this.
    I love that he focuses on doing a small number of items. . . well!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you and yeah the Potato Bomb was oh-so-good. Gave Jake the idea of adding some peas to it, don’t know if he took it on.


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