Documentary | Birders: The Central Park Effect


New York. A city that has left an impression on everyone who has ever visited or lived in it. A city so vibrant and multi-cultural that it is impossible to go through and not be in complete awe of it.

But, often, those who write about New York, focus primarily on the people, the buildings and how photographic the city is, or various other cultural aspects in terms of food and art that the city emanates.

Central Park and its iconic location adds a dreamy hope to the reality of the busy city, one of being close to nature. However, what most visitors and possibly locals miss out on are the non-human living residents and travelers of this city.

A small, hour-long documentary, Birders is a pleasing look at the beauty of nature around us. As the title suggests, it captures the fascinating variety of birds that call Central Park, New York their home at some point of time during the year.

Spanning a little over a calendar year, the documentary features individuals who have made it their life’s passion to stop, appreciate, and enjoy the colorful nature of birds that can be found in Central Park. These enthusiasts from all facets of life, with the one common admiration for bird-spotting, are a reminder that all one needs is to acknowledge the presence of the “other”  inhabitants, to stop and look around, and in doing so admire the exquisiteness that the world has to offer.

Birders: The Central Park Effect consists of stunning shots of birds along with the various changes the seasons have on the topography of the park. The documentary not only sticks to exploring the human aspect of the growing bird-watching culture, but explains why is it that Central Park proves to be so popular with migrating birds and most importantly how the park isn’t as “natural” as one might believe it to be.

Full of loving characters who have a childlike fascination towards birds, striking flora and fauna, and the moral of conserving nature and experiencing the joy it can bring, Birders: The Central Park Effect makes for essential viewing on many levels.

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