Weston-super-Mare: A Guide

Situated by the side of the Bristol Channel, some 30 Kms from Bristol, and a two-hour drive from Birmingham is the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare.

Popular with all ages due to a long sandy beach, a promenade that comes with multiple attractions, and owing to easy connectivity from nearby cities – day trips galore – the town has become one of the most popular seaside resorts of the country. 

Weather permitting, Weston-Super-Mare can be a lovely place to spend the day with family and friends. Our day trip from Birmingham, unfortunately, happened on a cloudy and partially rainy day limiting our experience to mostly indoor activities. Still, there are enough attractions that can entertain the young especially when the British weather plays spoil-sport. 

The Grand Pier, built anew after the old one burnt down, is the focal point of the entire promenade. A large gaming center of sorts with indoor machines and rides for children, it is the perfect escape from the rain. With a number of eating places and more than enough bright lights, tickets to be won, a 4D Cinema, Dodge Ems, and the like, Grand Pier is the perfect playground for any child, and that includes the young at heart. However, it is also slightly hard on the pocket, once the kids get going, with games ranging from 50 cents up to a couple of pounds each.

The Grand Pier boardwalk is a lovely place to get panoramic views of the town and the seaside or just sit back and take in the rays (if there are any). A word of caution, they have a No Outside Food policy which they strictly enforce and that can be a bit annoying when traveling with small children.

The beach at Weston-super-Mare is sandy and relatively clean. There are areas where small rides for children are set up. A couple of pounds can get you a 5-minute donkey ride or a short trip on a horse-driven carriage.

There are shops along the entire beach-side selling standard touristy beachy accessories. The real fun though is when the low tide hits the water, and the beach expands into an enormous playground filled with natural aquatic finds. Remember to take your wellies so you can walk for miles hunting crabs and shells.  

Weston-super-Mare proudly organizes a number of events from time to time such as often holding T4 at the Beach (a music festival) or a Beach Volleyball event that we were lucky to witness during our visit. It is recommended that you search the internet before planning your stay to catch one of the numerous events or carnivals that happen in the town throughout the year.

The boardwalk is usually alive with people walking, eating, resting, and lounging around taking in the gentle cool breeze flowing in from the sea. If walking is not your thing, there is also a toy train running from one side of the boardwalk to another for a leisurely ride. It is also the best place to be out in the open if you don’t want to get your shoes dirty in the sand.

On one end of the promenade is The SeaQuarium which has a similar feel to is as a petite SeaLife Center. Once again, it serves as a great way to dodge the rain. The staff at the center is amicable and informative, paying particular attention to kids, and helping the visitors make the most of their visit.

Since most places at the Weston-super-Mare promenade close by 5 PM with last entry around 4 PM, it is advisable that you visit the SeaQuarium at the beginning of your day trip.

The Weston Sand Sculpture Festival is another attraction somewhat worth a visit. Entry into the “theme attraction” is on chargeable basis and you get to walk around a path showcasing some vast and impressive sand sculptures. There is also a small play area towards the end where kids can get their hands dirty trying to make some sand art of their own.

The real charm of Weston-super-Mare is that it is family friendly with lots of people visiting from different parts of the country and enjoying the sun and the sand along with some unwanted rain.

It can, however, turn out to be an expensive trip if you don’t keep a watch on your pocket because although the rides are around a pound or so each, by the end of the day if you are traveling with family, you can expect to spend anywhere from £80 to £100 including snacks and drinks.

It isn’t a bad idea to take your own homemade food and have a nice little picnic by the beach, which can undoubtedly keep things within budget.

There is a lot more to Weston-super-Mare obviously. A sunny day is likely to attract bigger crowds and thus can prove to be more entertaining. There is also always the joy of simply sitting and enjoying some people watching; with individuals from all walks of life strolling with smiles on their faces. Then there is the Helicopter Museum, the Weston-super-Mare Museum, and the architecture of the city, that further add character to this beautiful town.

Weston-super-Mare makes for a great day trip. As with most places, it is highly recommended that you choose a day that is relatively sunny for it brings about a whole new side to this small and charming seaside town.  

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  1. Although I have visited the UK a couple of times, I hadn’t heard of Weston-super-Mare until reading this post. It really does sound like an ideal family getaway so long as the weather holds. Great tip also regarding checking ahead for any festivals and events and to also be careful with your budget.

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  2. Weston Super Mare is really a quintessential English seaside. The sand sculpture festival looks fun, and I’m sure is great for the kids! You’re right about the cost going up quickly. Even though it’s not London, £1 a ride can build up very quickly!

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  3. English weather is always miserable! There have been days when it will be sunny in morning, windy & cold by noon and raining by evening and you’ll be so lost about how to dress!!! Lolz… Inspite of the bad weather, you seem to have had a good time in Weston super Mare. Thanks for the headsup about the costs in the pier!!!

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  4. It’d be a nice idea to have a family getaway at Weston-super-Mare. There is so much to do and everyone would surely get busy with fun-filled activities. I like the idea of a boardwalk, I’d love to take participate in one. Also, the seaquarium seems like something my granny would like(she has this obsession with anything sea). It’d be the perfect place for a family reunion because even the toddlers won’t be left out.

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  5. The Weston-Super-Mare sounds fun packed town indeed with so many activities for kids. We would love to visit The SeaQuarium and the Sand sculpture festival sounds fun too and our kiddo would love some sand play. A toy train to explore the promenade sounds like a great idea especially for the kids. We have been to Bristol but not Weston-Super-Mare definitely on the list for next time.


  6. Weston Super Mare looks like a great place to spend a weekend away. It’s great they have so much facilities to keep everyone entertained. im sure Londoners def love the bit of fresh air and getaway so nearby.

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  7. A beautiful way to spend weekend with family on seaside of Weston super – Mare. Beach volley ball is nice thing to do and a perfect beach side activity. Sand sculpture is so beautiful. Grand Pier is also interesting.

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  8. Way to make the best of a bad weather situation. It still appears as though you had fun and saw a decent amount. The beach looks alive with all the games, and walking the boardwalk is always relaxing.

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