Documentary | Super Size Me

super_size_meSuper Size Me is a documentary that works both as a cautionary tale against eating too much “junk” food and simultaneously provides the perfect form of infotainment (Information + Entertainment) to keep the audiences interested.

Morgan Spurlock whose The Greatest Movie Ever Sold was also reviewed by me, went on a 30-day binge of McDonald’s food to see what sort of effects fast food can have on our body.

Not surprisingly, this month long “extreme” experiment results in him putting his physical and mental health at risk, eventually culminating with him having a sort of addiction to the food.

The biggest surprise though for the doctors, who monitor Spurlock during this period, is the fact that his liver is affected the most because of this food.

Every story has two sides. Yes! obesity is a growing epidemic. I have seen it increase, especially in children, ever since the first international fast food restaurant opened in India. Yes this food needs to be advertised properly with all the positives and the negatives clearly available to the consumer.

But then, no one is forcing the food down anyone’s throat. If I decide to eat fast food -which I must confess that I do eat, although in moderation – it is simply my responsibility. The same goes for my children too, as it is my responsibility to educate and monitor their food intake.

I do agree with Spurlock on the fact that fast-food has become the food of choice for most people because of its low cost and easy availability which often leads to a dilemma, especially in these economically hard times.

I also feel that going to extremes simply to prove a point is sometimes required and thus although his experiment might seem a tad over the top, it is effective.

As a documentarian, Spurlock shines. He doesn’t preach. Instead, he provides all the information and lets the viewer make his/her own informed decision. His style is definitely calmer than some of the other documentary film makers, but nevertheless he manages to get results and get the point across.

Super Size Me is documentary film making with a purpose. It entertains, it informs, and in the end it occupies a little spot in your brain that activates every time you even think about eating fast-food.

Will I stop eating fast-food? I don’t think so.

Will I be more conscious of what I eat and how much I eat? Most definitely.

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