Corbett National Park in Pictures

Glorious Sunset at Corbett.JPG

Corbett National Park, named after the famed conservationist Jim Corbett, is one of India’s premier wildlife sanctuaries.

It’s proximity to the capital, New Delhi, makes it one of the most desired weekend trips amongst the locals.

Roughly a 4-hour drive (240 Kms) takes you into the heart of nature where flora and fauna come together and offer city dwellers with a wow experience, in the form of a fresh perspective to clean, fresh, and natural living.

In Search of the Tiger at Corbett.JPG

My stay in Corbett at the wonderful Jim’s Jungle Retreat resulted in almost no animal sightings. We did come across deer and many varieties of birds, but certainly no tigers.

What I did discover instead was that there is a lot more to nature than spotting a single animal.

Beware - Tiger in sight

Beauty is all around. It can be in an abandoned ant hill, a bird perched atop a barren tree, or in beautiful sunsets that grace the land at the end of every day.

There seems to be beauty in nothingness, and weirdly enough, there’s a sense of tranquility in that feeling. 

Corbett National Park - Deer

Any national park is a photographer’s delight, and although I did not have a zoom lens with me, I still managed to capture some of Corbett’s raw beauty.

Here are but a few select photographs from the long weekend.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Spotted Deer

Monkey Business

Birding Around in Corbett

Out on a Date - Corbett National Park

The Magic of Fire

Across the river - Corbett National Park

Bird Spotting at Corbett

Who Let the Langoor Out

Flower Power

No Tigers, but Pug Marks Galore

Spot the Deer

The dry riverbed at Corbett

Busy Eating

A Corbett Sunset

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  1. It’s unfortunate you weren’t able to see a tiger. There are so few left in the wild that sightings are pretty rare anywhere. Still, Corbett looks like a beautiful area with plenty of wildlife and you were able to capture some great photos. Hope you’re able to catch that elusive tiger on your next attempt.

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  2. This is a lovely collection. Despite the fact that there are no ferocious animals to e spotted in any of the pictures, you made the atmosphere of Corbett come alive in the mud tracks, the leafless trees and the anthills.

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