Photography | Corbett National Park


Corbett National Park, named after the famed conservationist Jim Corbett, is one of the premier wildlife sanctuaries in India. It’s proximity to the capital, New Delhi, makes it one of the most desired weekend trips locally. Roughly a 4 hour drive (240 Kms) takes you into the heart of nature where flora and fauna come together to often wow the city dwellers and give them a fresh perspective to clean and fresh natural living.

My trip to Corbett resulted in almost no animal sightings, and certainly no Tiger. What I did discover instead was that there is a lot more to nature than spotting a single animal and beauty is all around; be it an abandoned ant hill, a bird perched atop a barren tree, or beautiful sunsets that grace the land at the end of every day.

Here are but a few selected photographs from the long weekend…







32 thoughts on “Photography | Corbett National Park

  1. It’s unfortunate you weren’t able to see a tiger. There are so few left in the wild that sightings are pretty rare anywhere. Still, Corbett looks like a beautiful area with plenty of wildlife and you were able to capture some great photos. Hope you’re able to catch that elusive tiger on your next attempt.

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  2. We love visiting national parks but it often happens that we don’t see much wildlife on the entire trip. That’s when we notice the other beauty around us. The photos you got are beautiful, especially the deer.

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  3. You got some great pictures from Corbett national park. It’s amazing when you sit quietly how the animals come out. Although you didn’t have much luck, we’re you being noisy?

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  4. The pug mark is so fresh! I have been wanting to go to Corbett for a while… but it’s so far from Mumbai that I haven’t made it there as yet! Which national park would you recommend to sight the tiger?

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  5. Stunning photos. I love the thought of animals in the wild not in cages. It’s so important we treat animals with respect and stop animal cruelty. That’s how I like to live my life and to help organisations who are trying to do the same thing.


  6. Sorry to hear your wildlife sightings weren’t meant to be – it’s one of those things when you’re heading out to spot wildlife – but exactly that which makes it so special when you are lucky enough to see them. I would love to travel to India to enjoy it’s spectacular landscapes and national parks. Thanks for introducing me to Corbett National Park 🙂


  7. Great pictures Raghav. my thought about tiger reserve is critical. I feel that most of these places like Ranthambore, Corbett, Bandhavgarh are over -hyped. Forest department is fleecing tourist and they manner and policies are far from desirable. it’s time that our countrymen realize that there’s far more variety of flora and fauna to discover nd appreciate in hundreds of sanctuaries spread across India. Let’s allow these cats to live in peace. I enjoy a good laugh when I see pictures of tourists clicking selfie with tigers in the distance, these guys need to grow up!

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    1. I agree to an extent. I think as for the departments fleecing tourists it’s probably because they deserve to be taken for a ride.

      My equally critical about the whole “I want to spot a tiger” part. People miss out on so much because of that.

      And you are right, lots more to see and do across the country, especially the lesser known but equally wonderful parks.

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      1. Haha – ok – thanks. You can ban the comment if you want to – I won’t be offended.

        I have seen similar hushed conversations among boat operators at Loch Ness. Some of them swear they have seen movement at the bottom of the Loch on their Sonar system etc. Seems like standard practice.

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        1. If I van your comment won’t be able to show my face to Mausi 😑 Others I know comment just to slip in their blog link but I know that’s not the case with you. I know you’ll be commenting a whole lot more from now on 😂

          Yup, it’s the same the world over in some way or another.

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