Food | The Matterhorn and Whymper Stube


It felt good to finally sit down. Zermatt was having the perfect day. Not a cloud in sight, the sun had been shining for the most part. Walking on Bahnhofstrasse, my daughter and I were famished as it was well past lunch hour and we had managed to grab one of the three outdoor tables at the Restaurant Whymper Stube.

I had previously read about Whymper Stube and that it was the recommended place to have Raclette in Zermatt. At CHF 9,- a plate, it didn’t seem all that bad a deal considering the location.

Owing to the weather, the portable ice cream station of the restaurant was out by the side of the street and a thin line of people (of all sizes mind you) had suddenly formed, making it difficult for the lady in charge to attend to us as she incessantly scooped one flavour of gelato after another for her standing customers.

The view of the majestic Hotel Zermatterhoff in front and the relief of finally being on ground was comforting while we waited for the menu to arrive as for only about half an hour back both of us had been hanging by a wire, above the steepest of Swiss valleys.

Fear not, it wasn’t life threatening, rather our little excursion on the Matterhorn Express which had been as scary – for me – as it had been exhilarating for the both is us. We’d gone all the way to Klein Matterhorn, on the Italian side, swaying and moving gently over a bottomless valley that would have looked spectacular had I had the courage to look down.

Instead, I spent most of the time looking at the people inside the cabin and found comfort on seeing them go quiet and still as soon at the gondola came to an abrupt halt midway. I wasn’t the only anxious one it would turn out.

My daughter went along the entire way in a nonchalant manner, especially getting excited whenever the gondola would stop leading to it swaying side to side – not surprising considering she actually enjoys turbulence during a flight.

But, heights and fear aside, it had been a wonderful day. Matterhorn looked glorious no matter where we viewed it from and our little stop at Schwarzsee with its small lakes and serene views had been the highlight of the day.

Now, as we waited for my wife and son (he being too small to go up on the Matterhorn Express), we settled down on solid ground, in beautiful Swiss weather, ready to dive into some local Swiss cuisine.

The service at Whymper Stube was extremely laid-back to the point we had to request them to take the order a couple of times before someone finally came. This happened again later at another restaurant in Lauterbrunnen as well and I believe it’s more of a regional quirk and not poor service.

Nevertheless, a few apologies later, it was all smiles and as the serpentine line for ice-cream diminished, we got all the attention. I should point out that just as they were in no hurry to initially serve us, they weren’t in any to see us go either, as we spent a good hour and a half going through our food at a rather leisurely pace.

Soon enough the family of four next to us – who had arrived earlier – received their pot of cheesy goodness – fondue – and so it was only apt that we had, on our table, chosen to go with the other two Swiss specialties; a Swiss Sausage – veal in this case – and the yummy Raclette.

Having never before eaten sausage in Switzerland I was curious to see how it would be presented – maybe a couple of small bangers often found part of a Full English Breakfast – and was glad to see a large hearty thick portion arrive that took over half the circumference of the plate along with a generous helping of French Fries. I savoured each and every bite of the sausage that oozed a juicy meaty flavor with a perfect deep brown coloured char on the side and then complimented it with a glass of beautiful Pinot Noir – we were celebrating life after all.


The only disappointment of the entire meal would be the lack of drama that I expected around the Raclette. Traditionally half a wheel of cheese would be brought to the table and then the melted part is scrapped off on to the condiments like pickles and potatoes, but on this day, outside, the plate came already with gooey cheese spread across it.

My daughter, who was at this point was enjoying her first ever Orangina, couldn’t have cared less but I felt I was deprived of a photo/video opportunity that I was all set to capture. Food bloggers and their expectations I tell ya!

There’s something inherently warm about Restaurant Whymper Stube; The smiling faces of the staff, the flavours in the food, the location, or maybe it’s just Swiss hospitality, but if you ever find yourself in Zermatt, make sure you stop over and enjoy a relaxed meal that might not be memorable, but it will definitely be comforting and satisfactory.


50 thoughts on “Food | The Matterhorn and Whymper Stube

  1. Loved the beautiful town of Zermatt when we were there a couple of years ago. We had taken the mountain railway to Gornergrat and had a close view of the Matterhorn. It was lovely, though we were not able to taste the sausage or the Fondue.

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  2. I’ve always wanted to try Raclette! That’s too bad they didn’t serve in at the table–would definitely be fun to see that!! Looks like a great day though! Zermat looks amazing and the clear views of the Matterhorn look fantastic!

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  3. I’ve always wanted to try Raclette! That’s too bad they didn’t serve in at the table–would definitely be fun to see that!! Looks like a great day though! Zermat looks amazing and the clear views of the Matterhorn look fantastic!

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  4. We can’t wait to make it to Switzerland and its adorable little Alpine restaurants like this one. The sausage plate looks delicious, sorry about the disappointing raclette! But in a place as beautiful as Zermatt, even less-than-amazing food can’t take away from the splendor of the views 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the review of Restaurant Whymper Stube – I loved enduing in Swiss Cuisine while I was there – you’re right, none of the meals were incredibly memorable, but what I do remember is that the journey to get there and the views of the surrounding landscapes were the parts of the experience which always stood out in my mind 🙂

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  6. I love Zermatt and have also eaten at Whymper Stube! The fondue was delicious and Zermatt is so charming. It looks like you had great views of the valley. I was there for Christmas so everything was snow covered with people skiing right off the mountains and into town. Glad you had a great visit, even if the service was a bit slow.

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  7. I am reminded of my tour through Switzerland more when you mentioned about the wait for food. At some of the places we too had to wait when seizing the opportunity I would off taking pics and hubby managing the kids. 🙂

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  8. A great pic of the Matterhorn. The size of that Swiss sausage and fries looked like a challenge but as you said, the taste was good and all washed down with a nice glass of red.

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  9. This looks like such an incredibly beautiful part of the world. Matterhorn is still on my personal list but it just looks incredible. I admit I’m not the best on chairlifts either – usually much worse on an open chairlift so I understand your trepidation. Hope you enjoyed the raclette. We meant to try it when we were in Zurich but never got to it.

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    1. Yeah it’s quite spectacular and even more wonderful if you – unlike me – know how to ski. If you do go make sure you stop at Schwarzsee on the way because the sights from there are wonderful. The Raclette is a favourite now and I might even prefer it just a little over fondue 😀


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