Travel Quick(y): Bathroom Humour at the Radisson Blu, Antwerp

I’ve been known to say the wrong thing at the wrong time on numerous of occasions and this foot-in-mouth condition is typical of us Sagittarians, but the title of this post – Quick(y) and Bathroom too close to one another for comfort –  is the one time I have done that in writing.

Nevertheless, the title would have you believe this is a NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) post, but let me assure you straight up that this is very much NOT a NSFW travel bite (disappointed are you?), unless you are forbidden from even looking at a simple, yet humorous, bathroom photo at work, in which case I would just like to inform you that your Boss and HR Head is standing right behind you.

Yikes! I know.

Now that it’s too late and you have been busted and you can’t do anything about it, might as well get the last laugh before you get fired and you can be a good sport and let your Boss in as well, hoping that he forgives you, this one time, provided he finds the photo funny – Bosses can either be too by-the-book or really causal and hardly ever walk the thin line in-between.

Travel is always full of surprises and interesting sightings, and this little gem of a photo can be viewed in the reception loo over at the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium where I spent a lovely couple of days on work.

Situated right opposite the central train station, it’s a wonderful business hotel with a covered swimming pool and best of all, free WiFi. The rooms (starting at around €150,-) are clean and typical of any good business hotel with all basic amenities that one would expect (coffee/tea making apparatus, mini bar, plasma tv). I did not try the in-house restaurants (hardly ever do) so cannot comment on the food and prices, but since my two day business trip stay was more than comfortable I would strongly recommend the hotel.

However, I do love how cheeky they are with their decoration and what I want from you, now that you have all the time to travel the world, is if you ever find yourself in Antwerp, staying at The Radisson Blu, and if you are a female or travel with a female companion, I would very much love to know how they have counteracted this Men’s bathroom decor in the case of the opposite sex?

Remember to drop me a line if you ever do find out or maybe even take a quick snap like I did – lucked out on finding it empty, I mean can you imagine if someone walked in while I was taking the photo – and share it with us all.


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  1. Wow you had a great discovery 😉 I am always up for humor and the picture did catch my attention and I must admit I find it funny enough. Though I might resist opening it in while at work 😀

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  2. HAHA, what a nice bit of bathroom humor. I’ve seen sexy men hanging in women’s bathrooms but never in such a humorous pose. Now I wonder what the lady’s room at the Radisson Blu in Antwerp looks like. Did you try to take a peek?

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  3. This is hilarious, didn’t expect that to be at the Radisson Blu at all! This would’ve been such a no go in Dubai where we live haha. I just wonder how long they were up to and how long they will keep it there though. Radisson isn’t a brand that would do that in our opinion so would’ve think of it to be there only for april for april fools for example you know?

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