Film | To Walk With Lions (1999)

A true story about love; love for nature and for wildlife.

A story of a man who discovered his home in the most unlikely of places and his struggle to keep what is closest to him safe.

Richard Harris gives an outstanding performance playing noted animal conservationist George Adamson, of the Born Free fame, during his last years at a Kenyan reserve in the film To Walk With Lions.

Some films shine for the stories they tell. This is one such film. It is a story about a man who gave up everything and devoted his life tendering for lions. He fought for the rights of animals claiming they are no different from humans and have an equal right to live freely on this very land we all call home. The film showcases his undying love for the beasts of the jungle and the extent he went to in order to give them a safe sanctuary which eventually led to his tragic end.

To Walk With Lions follows a British backpacker Tony Fitzjohn (John Michie) as he stumbles upon George Adamson’s reserve in Kenya where domesticated lions are taken in and prepared for a life in the wild. The film is also a story about Tony’s journey of self discovery as he learns about nature and grows to love it and admire its inner beauty which only a few people truly appreciate. Besides the dangerous task of working with the most ferocious animal of all, it is the constant struggle against the government, rebels, poachers, and the changing face of a nation that eventually takes a toll on the lives of both George and Tony and eventually leads them to making life altering decisions.

A film about passion, obsession, devotion, and about the courage to stand ones ground, To Walk With Lions is a legacy to the extraordinary life of a man who gave voice to the creatures of the wild and in doing so fought for their survival without worrying about his own well-being.


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