Film | Fly a Legacy (2012)

Fly a Legacy


Memories that live on.

Fly a Legacy is a personal celebration of memories, memories that have left a legacy behind…

I’ve known Ronnie B. Goodwin for a few years now, through Facebook. My first interaction with him happened when I reviewed his exceptionally wonderful short film Shooter, and since then we’ve kept in touch off and on.

Ronnie is a Scottish filmmaker and having lived in the region of Loch Lomond it’s easy to see how he has developed a beautiful relationship with nature which comes across his various artistic givings that range from making films and acting to photography.

Fly a Legacy is a homage to childhood memories where Ronnie takes us back to a time when his grandfather introduced him to fly fishing, a passion for which has remained in him ever since.

Besides highlighting the beauty of the region – the film has been shot on Carman Loch – this short is an important reminder that people may come and go, but the memories and the teaching they leave behind matter the most and live on forever.

There are a lot of inspirational undertones in the film and one that really struck a chord with me was about waiting; waiting for the fish after dropping the line, being patient, waiting to take in the surroundings, because the result, the reward at the end is an “absolute joy”. It’s a lesson in life, one that we often forget, living a hectic speedy life in metropolitan cities.

Fly a Legacy leaves the viewer with a sense of nostalgic longing and the almost haunting at times, but apt background music adds to the story telling. Moreover, Ronnie has an eye for detail and whether it is capturing dragon-flies through his lens or leaving the audience with a sense of wanderlust for the region he calls home, he manages to evoke emotions often hidden deep inside. 

Ronnie B Goodwin

Ronnie tells us a tale of survival, that of the salmon and how the “king of fish” must fight its way through to reach the ocean only to return and start this journey again, almost like he himself keeps going back to the time when his grandfather first started him on fly fishing. It is the circle of life.

Fly a Legacy is a beautiful reminder of the importance of relationships and that the will to survive is just not limited to humans but is all around us in every living being we come across.

With some amazing photography, natural wonderment, a beautiful heartwarming personal story, and music that touches the soul, Fly a Legacy is 7 minutes of film-making that will leave you with a yearning to journey back into your own life and cherish, once again, those special moments that have defined who you are.

The King of Fish - SalmonRonnie has been kind enough to let me post the link to the short film. Please take out a little bit of time and give it a view.

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