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Cully (Switzerland) in Pictures


Cully Jetty

Pronounced “Ku-ee” (Swiss-French), on the outset Cully is just another small and charming Swiss village alongside Lac Léman. Part of Lavaux, in the canton of Vaud, famous for its Terraced Vineyards, we had driven to this lake-side hilly location to catch the Lavaux Express – a “train” that would take us deeper through the winding paths of the vineyards for some magnificent panoramic views of the region. In addition to this, it promised an up close and personal look at the vines that cover the hills in a blanket of green.

As a creature of habit, on location much before the excursion was to start, while the kids played at the nearby park, I took off, to capture the unusual nature of the sleepy village, the Flâneur in me itchy to experience its quaintness.

Cafe de la Poste - Cully

Sailing and Birdwatching - Cully

Terraced VIneyads and Dramatic Skies

A Walk by the Lake-side

Here’s the thing about Swiss villages though; they break the “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” misconception with élan. Each small part of the country brings with itself a unique beauty in the form of its location, the views, cafes and shops, bright window shutters, fountains, and brightly coloured houses. Every turn proves to be a surprise that makes walking aimlessness the best way to explore any part of the country.

Cully was no different, and while the time I spent in it was limited, it was enough for it to impress me enough that the next time I’m anywhere close to it, I’d love to go back and explore it just a little bit more… this time hopefully at a leisurely pace.

Wine runs in the Veins of the Region - Cully

Well, Hello There! - Cully Cat


A Solitary Rose - Cully

A Cully Boat



Fishing in Cully




Rooftops and Vineyards - Cully


Lovers in the Park - Cully

Cully (Switzerland) in Pictures


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