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The Food Truck scene is starting to stagnate right about now around the town I live in – Gurgaon, India. Everything and everyone is in disarray, but more about that soon.

However, one aspect of the food truck business that remains a distant want for consumers like myself is diversity. Everybody is pretty much selling the same thing – wraps, burgers, noodles – and except for the occasional truck trying to be unique, there’s not much to be excited about.

Tongue Twisters makes sense. It’s a dessert only truck and comes as a welcome change. Frugurpop till now has been one of the early landmark dessert food trucks in the region, but the fact that they are more into the natural Popsicle business, as opposed to the varied options of Tongue Twisters, gives the latter a certain edge.

The Paan ice-cream is a personal favourite of mine with a very subtle Paan flavour that is on the right side of being sweet. For those who enjoy the taste of this Indian digestive without actually wanting to chew a Paan, the ice-cream works well.

The Cookie Sandwich is a classic. A well baked cookie with a nice crunch that contradicts the softness of the ice-cream while it holds it tight in-between is what nostalgia is all about. Tongue Twisters manages to recreate that cookies and cream magic, by keeping it simple and to-the-point.

Another definitive dessert is the walnut brownie with a scoop of ice-cream and while there was nothing to complain about this retro combination, nothing stood out either. I guess it is one of those desserts everyone keeps handy as an option for the less adventurous of the majorly picky customers who simply want to have the same thing no matter where they go – hinting towards the wife here.


The food truck also makes a Baked Alaska, and although I am yet to taste it, I am curious to see how they go about it. They also have some unique ice-cream flavours – Tangy Orange, Rose Petals, Banana Nutella, Cinnamon Pecan – which would make for an interesting tasting session someday.

If Tongue Twisters can keep their prices in check and the quality up to mark all the while showing some ingenuity either in the flavours of their ice-creams of the various desserts they make, I think they might still have a chance to stand out and make a mark in the food-truck business.

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  1. That cookie ice cream sandwich looks delicious! It got my sweet tooth tingling. I am also intrigued by the Paan Ice cream, its not something you can get easily in Canada

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