The Heritage Transport Museum

The Heritage Transport Museum

The Reception - Heritage Transport Museum

A place for vintage enthusiasts. An excursion for the retro seekers. It’s a dream turned into reality for car enthusiasts. For adults, it is a nostalgic trip back to a time when things seemed simpler. For children though, it’s a bit of a mix where education and entertainment combine with appreciation for automobiles and the understanding of the history of transport in the country.

The Heritage Transport Museum is by far one of the best organized museum I’ve been to in the country. Professionally displayed transport vehicles, a helpful available staff, guided tours, and lots of space – both inside and out in the open – to explore and discover.

Situated roughly an hour away from New Delhi, towards Jaipur, just off the NH8, a visit to the museum makes for a wonderful day trip for the whole family. Although majority of the museum covers cars from different eras, there’s enough about other modes of transport – Air, Water, and Sea – to give the young ones something to think about.

Vintage Car - The Heritage Transport Museum

Convertable - The Heritage Transport Museum


Electric Cycle

There’s ample to do at the Heritage Transport Museum besides a walk through all the vintage beauties; An hourly movie presentation in a small theatre – educational – is perfect for a breather after all the walking. The open garden often has activities (at an extra cost) like camel rides or paint-a-car. For those wanting to celebrate a special occasion or host an event, the museum also rents out their space – auditorium, conference room, and grounds.

Since a trip to the museum is a day out you should either pack your own lunch, especially when traveling with kids, or can also make use of the in-house cafe. There’s a small souvenir shop too if you like collecting memories in a more physical form.

One of the most interesting aspect of the museum was the space provided for exhibitions – art and art installation – throughout its premises adding more vibrant and stimulating features to admire. From the quirky to functional to social, the variety in the art displayed is quite diverse in colour and thought.

Art Installation - Cycles

Hanging Art

Up CLose - The Heritage Transport Museum

Child's Scooter - The Heritage Transport Museum

However, it is a museum in the truest sense and that was one of the two issues that bothered me slightly. The no touch policy – understandable – means you can only look at the vintage beauties but not sit in them (or touch them either). I understand that it’s necessary, to keep them shining and polished, but for a visitor, especially children, it does take away half the fun.

The other issue being from the point of view of an amateur photographer, the lighting is very moody and dim and also because all the cars are cramped together – again, understandable – photography is no easy task.

Other than these minor picky issues, the museum makes for an extremely fun filled day. The Heritage Transportation Trust, who own and administer the museum, also works with schools and has an outreach program so that this space, that has so lovingly been created, can benefit more. Workshops and library sources are added benefits that can further ignite the interests of the visiting audience.

Photos clicked, nostalgia kindled, and information learned, if you want to add some desi, local flavour to your return journey, then make sure to stop at one of the numerous dhabas – road side eateries – that dot along the Delhi Jaipur Highway (two that I’ve eaten at are Old Rao Hotel and Gollu Rao Dhabha).

Toys at The Heritage Transport Museum

Blak and White at The Heritage Transport Museum

Rusted Locomotive

Retro - The Heritage Transport Museum

Vespa - Heritage Transport Museum

General Information:

Heritage Transport Museum

Bilaspur – Taoru Road (Major District Road 132)
Off NH 8 (Bilaspur Chowk), Taoru
Gurgaon (Haryana) 122105

Timings : Tuesday to Sunday – 10AM to 7PM

Fee : Adults – Rs. 400 / Children and Students – Rs. 200

Contact: +91- 9871667018 /


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  1. We absolutely love vintage stuff and cars also, so this is def a place we would love to visit! Could imagine how with the dim light it’s tough to have outstanding photos that would give the cars its justice. We still enjoyed your photos as they made us feel like we were just there!

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