Food | A Foodie Affair with Sushi Junction

packed sushi and teriyaki rice bowl

Delicious drool-worthy bursts of flavours, Sushi Junction, is the go-to place in the Delhi NCR region for home-delivered Japanese cuisine.

Ordering from Sushi Junction was an affair of many firsts for me. It was the first time I was seduced – hence the affair – by their excessive marketing techniques which included adds on my Facebook and Instagram timelines.

It was also a first after I had decided not to, for ordering from a place that has no “real” restaurant. From experience, I have been wary of delivery-only food operations. Not knowing where the food is cooked followed by the torturous job of selecting the right dish (no one to recommend around) and ordering it can be a pain. And then the wait, which often because of one reason or another is always far too long. Lastly, the anxiety of how the food will be; warm enough, good enough, all mixed up or leaking liquid. There’s just too much going on.



I’m happy to say that Sushi Junction manages to prove me wrong, and I cannot be more thrilled about it.

Sushi Junction has a simple enough ordering system, but choosing from their extensive list of offerings, each one sounding better than the previous, is a task that leads to major salivating even before the food gets ordered.

But, once that is taken care of, the food arrives on time, it’s nicely packed, manages to maintain the presentation, and comes hot or cold based on what the dish is.



Sushi Junction takes pride in its menu, and they only recently received a 5 Star rating after having their kitchens audited for hygiene which is reassuring.

Owned and run by a Japanese expat couple, the food is as authentic as it can get, with a few experimental pieces now and then.

I’ve ordered from them twice already in a month and have an almost constant craving to go for more.

The reason is quite simple. Sushi Junction’s food is lip-smackingly delightful. The flavours, the ingredients, the preparations all fall in line ready to celebrate with the palate of the eater.

And what a celebration it is.

teriyaki chicken rice

Their Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl is heavenly with succulent pieces of grilled chicken on top of sticky rice and the classic sweet and sour teriyaki sauce.

The Hiyashi Cold Noodle Bowl with smoked chicken is my recent favourite. Udon noodles topped with a melange of colourful ingredients is terrific and so much fun to eat.

Being an egg lover, I gave their Omusoba Egg Noodles a try, and even though I full to the brim by that time, I couldn’t help have one more bite after another.

Omusoba Noodles

Now, the all-important sushi is no different. It comes nicely lined up and plays around with various ingredients and sushi forms. I feel it’s unjust to compare it with authentic or served-on-the-table sushi; nevertheless, it is satisfactory, and I wouldn’t think twice about ordering it again.

Japanese food is in general slightly expensive and while the same holds true here – primarily for the sushi as the bowls are well priced – the quality of the product is so good that I don’t mind paying a little bit more.

cold udon noodles

Sushi Junction has been on a rapid expansion mode off late with four outlets already open and the fifth one almost ready. My one fear, often with such growth, is food quality. It would take quite a bit of management to maintain their standards, which I hope is the case.

So, having proved me wrong about home-delivery restaurants, in this case, the least I can do is strongly recommend that you give Sushi Junction a try as I’m pretty sure that you will not be disappointed.

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