Twitter + Blogging + Sarcasm = Match Made in Heaven

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Let’s be honest here – us bloggers have to keep telling the world that we are honest – there is something fascinating and fun about blogging and Twitter coming together. Especially, when you look at two of the most popular topics written about.

Travel and food bloggers are a unique set of people. They come from different background, have the same goal in mind, and somehow manage to coexist relatively well in a space which is popularly known as The Blogosphere. In case you’re wondering, it’s not an actual physical place.

As a somewhat active member of the travel and food and photography and film and book (Yeah! I can’t make up my mind) community, it is often entertaining to take a step back and observe what all goes on in this little world that we’ve created for ourselves.

Just like in any business or community it’s a place where we have fights (bring out the popcorn types), there’s lots of gossip, backtalk, and a never-ending race to become an “award-winning” writer, an influential influencer, collect fans, mass following, and of course get hits on our blogs.

On the flip side, there’s also a lot of love, support, and help. God forbid some brand or PR if they steal a photo or don’t pay up in time. Then we come together as one and take a stand that can be quite widespread and impacting.

you're nothing and believe in yourself printed sacks

Now, as a member of this said community, I do sometimes take the liberty to make fun of it, mostly on Twitter. I do have some posts, especially Dear Food Blogger which is an open letter to, you guessed it, food bloggers. As for what I write on Twitter, some of it is true – keep a pinch of salt handy, but most of it is light-hearted sarcastic humour – provided you and I have the same humour wavelength.

So, I’ve compiled a bunch of tweets I’ve written on blogging (especially travel and food) over time. There is some stuff on Freelancing which is similar to blogging in more ways than one.

There are also a few random tweets in there, which I feel didn’t get as much love on Twitter as they should have. Twitter can be fickle like that. And of course, I pick on one of my favourite topics to make fun of, brands and PR, who we all love and hate in equal capacity.

In case you are wondering why I am doing this, here, and now?

Let me present you with the Top 5 Reasons for This Post!

  1. I’m bored
  2. I don’t feel like writing an actual article (we’ve started calling our blog posts as articles now).
  3. It’s easy, and hopefully, you’ll end up following me on Twitter. You should also know that my Twitter timeline has a lot of links to my blog, which when you click (you must) you’ll end up back here – where you started – so it’s a micro – circle of life at its best.
  4. Hopefully, the title was clickbaity enough for you to be curious and click on it – which you obviously did since you are reading this – resulting in more blog hits for me.
  5. Top 5 sounds better than Top 4.

Oh! And if you end up liking this post article, then check out some of my other fun and funny articles.

PS: You will find a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes in my tweets – LIVE WITH IT!


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