Raghav ModiRaghav is an avid traveller who enjoys the thrill of discovering new places. More than that, he loves food and wishes to explore…

Okay! I tried. I’ve seen so many people write their blog’s “about me” section in the third person and wondered if I could do it.

So, if there’s one thing you ought to know about me, it’s that I can’t do a bio in the third person.

As for who I really am? I don’t know.

I do know I’m a Sagittarian (or so I’ve been told all my life) and love to do different things. In other words, I tend to get bored quickly, which is also why you’ll find me writing about films and books on Ticker Eats The World, in addition to travel and food, which are the main topics of discussion.

There are a few of you who’ve wondered over the years why Ticker?

Well, it’s because I tick. No, I don’t have a tick. I tick, as in a clock. As someone with an artificial heart valve, if you were to place your ear close to my heart, you would first be inappropriate in your actions, but would also be able to hear my valve go tick…tick…tick…and hopefully no boom!

Chaplin's World

As for why I started Ticker Eats The World?

It’s something I’ve grown to enjoy over the years. I started with a movie blog, and then a book and weird stuff blog sometime in 2012. Initially, it was a way to keep me occupied, a hobby if you may that matured into what Ticker Eats The World is now.

What exactly I want from the future. I’m not entirely sure, except maybe create a space to share beautiful, interesting, and exciting places on our planet.

However, the one new thing that I’m excited about is freelance travel and food writing. I’ve started to take it seriously over the past couple of years, and more than the blog, freelance work has been quite an exciting experience, so far.

Anyhoo… have a look around the blog, and give me some hits. The type that makes brands and PR people think I’m some kind of an influencer and send me bags full of cash. Yes! I am a dreamer too.

And of course, thank you for stopping by and spending your precious time reading the “about me” page. Why you would do that, I have no clue.


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