Pho –  The best place to have some authentic Vietnamese street food in a hipster setting.

The Potato Man – The Potato Man quite simply serves the best jacket potatoes I have ever come across. The potatoes are of a good size, freshly baked, sometimes having a hint of char, with crispy crunchy skin and soft warmed interiors.

Friska – Friska gives you just that – beautiful, filling, freshly made, orgasmic-ally good food that will leave you wanting more than your body can take.

Yo! Sushi – What’s not to like about Yo! Sushi? It’s got plates of food moving around on conveyor belts, an open kitchen so you can see the food being prepared, lots of yummy Japanese tastes to experiment with, choices galore, and didn’t I just say it’s got FOOD ON A CONVEYOR BELT!

Treat – Greek Deli – A small and quaint family run Greek Deli, Treat proudly serves “authentic delicatessen products”; Jams, pasties, coffee, yogurts, sweets and a variety of seasonal offerings, it’s truly mini-Greece in the very heart of Birmingham city.

Jake’s Coffee Box – A cute novelty “coffee shop” if there ever was one. The offerings are as tiny in number as the property they are made in – although sufficient if like me you get irritated with establishments trying to please everyone and every taste – but it’s the ingenuity behind the shop that caught my interest.

Handmade Burger Co. – There is something special about a delicious juicy burger. It can take you to that mystical place some call “food heaven”.

It Runs in the Family – Nevertheless, imagine MY surprise when I happened to go through the photographs that my parents took during their summer European vacation and found a bunch of food/drink photographs. I guess “it” does run in the family after all.


Wagamama – I’ve eaten at few of the Wagamama establishments across England, and everywhere they seem to be consistent when it comes to service and food, but their outlet at BrindleyPlace, with its canal side location, is especially recommended.

Yo! Sushi Again – I simply can never get enough of sushi so I thought I’d make you all a tad jealous of the delicious food I ate at Yo!Sushi…

Yo! Sushi – Whenever I am in Birmingham I make it a point to eat at Yo! Sushi a couple of times at least. Those of you who are unaware, Yo! Sushi is a chain that serves, well sushi, along with other Japanese preparations. It’s hard to miss the restaurants with their bright neon orange signboards, but the real fun is once you enter the premises.

Cadbury World – Situated a stone-throw-away from central Birmingham, UK is Bournville. This quiet little town is of great importance if you, like me, are an avid chocolate eater. It was here that Cadbury’s set up their first factory and it is here that what is now a packaging plant has also become a playground for chocolate lovers young and old.

Local Produce Market, BrindleyPlace – On the last Friday of every month (Between 10:00 – 3:00 through September), the wonderful people of Brindleyplace have a Local Produce Market. It’s a great place to go with the family and shop for some locally produced cider, roast beef, or jams and chutneys (and much more) while you listen to soothing music.

Birmingham International Food Festival – A few photos capturing one of the premier food festivals of the city.

Food Yummy Food – Birmingham Foof Fest –  Indian, Polish, Vietnamese, German, Caribbean, Swiss… everything is available for you to feast your eyes on, and eventually feast your tummy on. It literally 10 days of pure gastronomical indulgence.

Caribbean Eats & Beats in Birmingham – Birmingham town centre came alive over the weekend with the smells and sounds of the Caribbean Islands. The very first Caribbean Food Festival took place in Victoria Square on June 3rd and 4th and comprised of soothing music, some hip-shaking dancing on the streets, friendly happy people all around, tasty punch, and of course delicious food.