I love to read, and sometimes I like to write about what I’ve read. 

Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City – The author takes the reader through a journey of time depicting events and people who are responsible for making Amsterdam the most liberal city in the world.

Stupid Guy Goes to India – Yamamatsu’s journey into Delhi’s underbelly as the tries to publish his Manga comic in the local language. Hilarious at times, informative, but brutally honest.

Chai chai, Travel in Places where you Stop, but Never Get Off – An interesting look at travelling, where the author discovers the smaller, lesser known cities and towns that one crosses in-between the metropolitan cities, but are often overlooked.

Hot Tea Across India – Rishad Saam Mehta takes us across the country on sweet and exciting journeys full of adventure and comedy.

Michael Palin Hemingway Adventure – Michael Palin follows on the footsteps of one of the world’s most noted literary figures.

7 Books that Made me Want to Travel 

Four Chef Autobiographies You Must Read – A look at the autobiographies of Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, Joe Bastianich, and Anthony Bourdain.

Reading Food: 5 Books that “Foodies” Should Be Reading

Restaurant Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones – The author takes on a day long journey into the depth of the food business and all the craziness that is a part of it.