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 The first time I had food at Cafe Delhi Heights it was about a year back at one of the rapidly growing branches in Gurgaon, and while the Burmese Khao Suey they served was spicy beyond expectations, it tasted so good that I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I finished the bowl of deliciousness.

This time around it was Cafe Delhi Heights in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, and with the decor similar to all their outlets I was ready to experiment more with the food they serve, carefully, keeping in mind that things can get hot.

The one thing I really do like about Cafe Delhi Heights is that they have multiple options when it comes to seating; from booths with TVs (okay the TV aspect is something that annoys me) to the normal chair and table seating, to what I can only call lounge style seating, there is something for everyone. Coming back to the TV in the booth, I would however mention that the person in the booth adjacent to ours was alone, and thus the TV did serve as good company for him, especially since there was a cricket match on at the time.

The service was fairly good, non-intrusive, quick, and just all round satisfactory. The seating as well, in the booth, was comfortable, and since I had the perfect view of two couples “fighting” two booths down, I had some extra entertainment to keep me busy.

Coming down to the most important aspect, food, I was eager to try something different from what I had had before and since we had almost gone into Johnny Rockets, right next door, before we came into Cafe Delhi Heights, I guess a good burger was already on my mind.

Café Delhi Heights greets its customers with a complementary assortment of breads and while I always like “free” stuff, I also end up eating too much of it before my main course, which is never good. Nevertheless, the cool drinks served in open-top jars, the latest trend in serving drinks, proved to be wholesome and refreshing.

Something that needs to be mentioned at this point is that the quantity of all the three main-courses that we ordered was far greater than what we expected. The Four Cheese Panini, The Juicy Lucy Burger, and the Delhi Burger, each were devoured half at the restaurant with the remainder eaten for dinner that night at home.

No real complaints about the Four Cheese Panini which was hot, cheesy, and although not the best around, but quite satisfactory. Unfortunately the potato wedges that supplemented the Panini tasted like the frozen wedges we get in the market. I’m not sure if they were hand-cut and “fresh”, because if they were, then that is even worse.

The Delhi Burger that my wife ordered, and I had half of later that night, was quite nostalgic with the taste reminiscent of the burgers I would get in my school in Delhi. Without a doubt the burger does proud to its name and the chef truly has tapped into the flavor of the local burger that can be found at roadside establishments.

The Juicy Lucy Burger, that I had the pleasure to eat, too was succulently good with the right balance of all the ingredients making it perfectly splendid without having the need of any condiments. This has to be the second time, in as many months, that I have had an amazing burger (first being at Handmade Burger Co. about which you can read here).

The only negative aspect of the entire meal was the salad on the side of the burgers that was a tad sad to look at and also tasted a bit funny. Something fresher, crunchier, and vibrant would have gone a long way.

It seems Cafe Delhi Heights stands confidently with a 2-0 lead in my taste test. They have quite a varied menu which includes a number of different cuisines, so I am always skeptical about the food I order there, but they have proved me wrong both times. The food served was of top quality and I cannot wait to try something different from their menu the next time I am visiting one of their restaurants.


  • avirandom
    Posted 21 May, 14 at 9:14 PM

    Good Khao Suey is the all needed to sell the place

  • Raghav
    Posted 21 May, 14 at 9:22 PM

    Haha but remember it was spicy as hell.

  • Neha
    Posted 17 July, 14 at 6:36 PM

    sounds nice, I have to visit

  • Raghav
    Posted 18 July, 14 at 8:37 AM

    You most certainly should, and since they have a good mixture of cuisines, I'm sure you'll fine something you like.


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