From small farmer’s markets to big events across the world, food festivals have always been something special and spectacular. Here are some I’ve visited;

On Food Festivals and The Grub Fest – The Grub Fest has become one of the most popular food festivals in and around the capital and has started a new trend that so far has only seen heights, but like every business it should be cautious of its early success.

Asian Hawkers Market, New Delhi, India – One of my favourite, comparatively small, food festivals that focuses on South East Asian flavours.

Caribbean Food Festival – Birmingham, UK – The smell of Caribbean Jerk Chicken in the air, hip shaking music in the background, and lots to drink, food festivals should always be like this.

Birmingham International Food Festival – Birmingham, UK – A sign of how Birmingham is slowly becoming a foodie destination, this annual gathering is a must for all food enthusiasts.

Birmingham International Food Festival: Through the Camera Lens – Birmingham, UK – A few captures from the annual food festival.

Local Produce Market: Brindleyplace – Birmingham, UK – Farmer’s Markets or in this case the Local Produce Market is the best way to support locals and enjoy some delicious food and drinks.