Bond, James BondFilms can be a window into cultures and trends or sometimes they are just there for entertainment. My love for films is deep rooted and I have admired the art since an early age. Here I review some of the films that I have had the pleasure (or not) of watching over the years. 

The Poor Memorabilia Collector – In a world where your geek-standards are measured by the size of your – AHEM! – collection, be it comics, movies, or collectibles, it’s not always necessary to go for the most expensive options.

The Joys of Attending Movie Premieres: Meeting Danny DeVito & Tom Hardy – Ever “bumped” into a celebrity or visited an event and came across one? Find out how I got to attend two movie premiers while on vacation and had a chance to meet two Hollywood biggies.

Midnight in Paris – If you like good cinema that excites the brain, then make sure you watch this wonderful adventurous story that raises the question of whether “the good ol’ days” really are what we make of them?

Memories of Murder – A borderline serial killer chase movie, an investigative journalism piece, and a fascinating study of human nature, Memories of Murder is cinema at its best.

The Class of ’92 – Class of ’92 is Benjamin and Gabe Turner’s homage to team-play. That they manage to rope in six football stars that started playing together and were victorious together at an international level is just the icing on the cake.

Mayday – “Community is a myth” states the tagline of this intense 5 part British series Mayday, and that just might be true.

Penguins: Spy in a Huddle – Full of cheeky humour, penguin “cat-fights”, surprisingly familiar male-female dynamics, and moments that simply make you go “Awwwww!” Penguins: Spy in the Huddle is a must-see informational and entertaining series for all ages.

Hoop Dreams – Hoop Dreams is as much a sports documentary as it is a documentary about passion, obsession, love, growth, education, and most importantly life.

Cutie and the Boxer – Cutie and the Boxer is a brilliant character study, but more importantly it is a breakdown of married life and an optimistic tale of women upliftment and the fact that there is no right age to re-discover your passion and give it all you got.

Fly a Legacy – Fly a Legacy is a beautiful reminder of the importance of relationships and that the will to survive is just not limited to humans but is all around us in every living being we come across.

Page One: Inside the New York Times – New York Times has long been an integral part of the American culture, so much so that its importance has been felt across the world when it comes to hardcore news reporting.

Radioman – Radioman is a reality check on life. From the life lived by the homeless, to the perceptions people have towards the less fortunate, to the true meaning of friendship, Radioman is a also a one man institution on life’s lessons.

To Walk with Lions – Richard Harris gives an outstanding performance playing noted animal conservationist George Adamson, of the Born Free fame, during his last years at a Kenyan reserve in the film To Walk With Lions.

Ginga: The Soul of Brazilian Football – is essential viewing if you are a fan of the sport, but also helps us better understand the psyche of the nation touching upon the cultural characteristics of the country which are so vibrant and unique.

The Island President – The Island President is one of the most honest and in-your-face documentaries I have seen, almost to the point that its frankness is shocking at times.

Muscle Shoals – Muscle Shoals is a quiet sleepy town along the Tennessee River in Alabama, USA that has had a dramatic and essential impact on the way music has been shaped over the years.

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope – Ask any film, gaming, or comic fan around the world about the one place they would want to travel to in their lifetime and the majority would without doubt mention the San Diego Comic Convention.

Fire in Babylon – is about sports and sportsmanship. It is about the individuals who went against the establishment to fight for their rights. It is about courage and loyalty and most importantly about standing up for your beliefs.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a beautiful, fresh, and young road movie that will encourage you to live life to the fullest, celebrate love and friendship, and of course will leave you with a wanderlust for exotic places.

Mary & Max – I can’t promote this movie enough. Mary & Max is a lesson in life and love and a reminder that we are all in this together and need to support and believe in each other. It’s a film that should be talked about more. It is a film which should be seen by everyone. Mary & Max is simply one of the best films I have ever seen.

Super Size Me – Super Size Me is a documentary that works both as a cautionary tale against eating too much “junk” food and simultaneously provides the perfect form of infotainment (Information + Entertainment) to keep the audiences interested.

Birders: The Central Park Effect – Central Park and its iconic location adds a dreamy hope to the reality of the busy city, one of being close to nature. However, what most visitors and possibly locals miss out on are the non-human living residents and travelers of this city.

Chef – Part romantic comedy, part coming of age film, a road movie, and family drama, it combines all these aspect in a subtly comic way and presents a dish that is sure to please everyone who pays for it

Village at the End of the World – This feature documentary, by director Sarah Gavron, follows the trial and tribulations of the Inuit community that calls the village of Niaqornat their home.

Burnt – Burnt is like a piece of toast that’s been in the toaster, heating up, for too long. There are initial warnings, that burning smell – weirdly enough I like this smell – which is a movie goer’s intuition speaking, thinking, if this is another one of those clichéd films.

Red Obsession – Narrated by Russell Crowe, and I hope he managed to get lots of cases of wine as part of his deal, Red Obsession looks at the art and economics of wine growing, focusing primarily on the Bordeaux region, which is the grand-daddy of all wine regions.

The Ramen Girl – The Ramen Girl proves to be an average affair with relatively poor performances by most of the American actors and some brilliant performances by their Japanese counterparts. Take away the excessive almost superficial breakdown of Abby, add on a bit more flavour with food, and a hint of non-clichéd humor, and this could have been a wonderful little film.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – Jiro Dreams of Sushi has to be the most hunger inducing well-rounded documentary I’ve ever seen. Not only is it mouth-wateringly beautiful to watch, but special credit goes to the director, David Gelb, who approaches the subject in totality, by not only focusing the documentary on Jiro Ono, but also on everything and everyone that has had an influence on him and on those that he in return influences.