Food Articles

Write-ups that look at different aspects of food other than reviews.

My Experiments with Food  – My first attempt at showcasing some of what I make at home as a hobby. Expect lots of egg and pasta.

Kitchen Chronicles – Inside the Pasta Bowl Company – The Pasta Bowl Company has over the years become a sort of a comfort destination; I have a fair idea of what to expect in terms of the food – they change the menu seasonally, but the basics remain the same, the ambiance is cozy, the staff friendly, and sometimes that’s exactly what I am looking for when going out for a meal.

Life by the Road – India’s Top Roadside Businesses – Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything exciting happens on or next to roads in India. From Dhabas to Thekas and Sabji walas to Thelas… there’s a lot going on the streets of India and you can certainly be a part of it.

Winter’s Here and It’s Celebration Time – Come On! – The one where I talk about my love for winter and the changes it brings especially in terms of celebrations, getting together with friends, and food and drinks.

For the Love of Popcorn – There was a time when I hated popcorn, but that’s not the case anymore. Here is my conversion story…

The Highs and Lows of Cooking with Kids – It’s no easy task to cook with kids. I look at the up and downs of teaching your kids how to cook.

To Buffet or Not to Buffet? – What makes buffets so famous and in a country where we are so critical about everything we eat, why are we so lenient when it comes to buffets.

Confessions of a Food Blogger and a few other things… – The best way to know where I come from and where I plane to go with my blog.

The 100 Dessert Buffet – Yes! A 100 dessert buffet. Hello, sugar high.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Angeethi – Nostalgia and eating at one of my childhood favourite restaurant.

The One about the Food Truck Revolution – It’s finally here and it’s on a rise. Food trucks have taken over the city and bringing a new age of fast food on the streets.

Giani’s, Nirula’s, and the Return of Ice Cream – Growing up eating ice-cream off carts to not finding it anywhere, and now once again ice-cream makes a come back in the region where I live.

Social Media and the Indian Food Industry – An in-depth looks at the way social media is being used by the food industry in India, and how things need to change to make any proper impact.

Mixing Business with Food – Traveling around the world for work, I have been lucky to mix food with business. It is one of the best aspects of business travel that can be enjoyed whether you have company or not.

Europe and its Cafe Culture – In love with small cafes and outdoor seating, the European cafe culture is drool-worthy not just for what it offers aesthetically but also in terms of food and drink.

It Runs in the Family – It didn’t take long before the family caught the snap before you eat bug.

Cook Taste Summer Smile – Digital Cook Book Review – Cookbooks are changing in all respects and getting digital is just part one of the phases.

Singapore Takeout – Event – Celebrating some of Singapore’s top chefs mingling and cooking together with local food leaders.

Singapore Takeout – in Pictures – An event at ITC Maurya celebrating Pop-Up restaurants in a container.

The Hilly Street Food of India – The hills are alive with the sound of popcorn popping. The cool weather brings with it warmth in its food and there’s something magical about it all.