Food Trucks

There’s something very basic and charming about the concept of food-trucks which I adore. As a consumer, the option of having limited yet wholesome fresh food is always appreciated. Here, you’ll find links to all the food trucks that I have reviewed:

The One about the Food Truck Revolution – No, this isn’t one of those articles that lists food-trucks operating across India, rather it’s a look at this trend and how pretty much just one Hollywood movie, Chef, and a TV show, Eat Street, have brought about the latest revolution in the Indian food industry

Tongue Twisters – Tongue Twisters makes sense. It’s a dessert only truck and comes as a welcome change.

Street Foods by Punjab Grill – Now, being part of the Punjab Grill chain one can automatically expect some Tikkas and Daal Roti to be served at Street Foods. I’m happy to say that the truck hasn’t just followed the present trend of serving wraps and burgers, but instead have come up with more of a North Indian menu and have kept it simple.

Sushi House Mafia- Gurgaon, India – If you came across Sushi House Mafia on a dark winter night, it will evoke a sense of eeriness with an all black exterior, but “looks can be deceiving” – and clichés are a dime a dozen – for inside this whole Mafioso facade is a kitchen that serves freshly made – this is important, so don’t be in a hurry and let them take their time with your food – bits and bobs of delicious looking sushi.

Oh Buoy!! – Gurgaon, India – I stood there with the menu in my hand, wondering if I ran away right now would they notice – I find it hard to leave a place once I’ve sort of committed to it. 78+ food items offered… in a food-truck. I’m still trying to grasp the idea behind multi-cuisine restaurants, but this was something completely different.

Quick Bites Volume 5: More Food-Truck Madness – When the food-truck revolution happened a few months back, I was on top of them – not literally. I was able to cover them as and when they started operations, and I did foresee the charm of the “trucks” as becoming more than about food as they were a good business investment.

Eggjactly – Gurgaon, India – Food trucks are the latest trend in the culinary world these days. They’ve taken the idea of street food and made it not only mobile but have also managed to bring about a hint of experimentation and ingenuity to it.

What the Truck? – Gurgaon, India – It’s the dawn of a new era, well, at least in Gurgaon it is. The food-truck wars have begun. The race for location, food, and promotion is at an all time high. There’s only going to be one winner at the end of it all; you and me (fine that’s a whole lot more than one, but you get the idea), because we are starting to get spoilt for choice and that’s always a good thing.

Frugurpop – Gurgaon, India – It was about time we had an Ice-Cream van in the city. The last few years had seen a massive decline in ice-cream availability even during the scorching summer months.

Drifter’s Cafe – Gurgaon, India – Another day, another food truck, same city; Gurgaon is fast becoming the hotbed for the latest startup trend in the culinary world. Food trucks are everywhere now, on TV, in movies, and of course on the streets.

Something Saucy – Gurgaon, India – Something Saucy is the newest addition to this group, and one that is slightly different because it offers a nice combination of Western, Indian, and Asian flavours along with a few fusion options. The basics are the same with fries, pasta, noodles and rice, but they’ve gone a step ahead and given the customers options in the form of sauces that are quite unique in taste.