Un-Plan Your Greek Vacation – The best way to explore Greece is to not plan your stay. Tips on how to be a little adventurous and grab good deals on your stay in the process.

How to Stun an Octopus Greek Style –  A little cruel possibly, although there are more humane ways of catching Octopus, this was an interesting sight when I came across it in Greece.

Discovering Greece – Athens, Naxos, and Amorgos – One of my most cherished travels in which I go island hopping in Greece, attend the wedding of my friend, get the worst case of heat-rash, and of course have copious amounts of Ouzo in-between everything else.



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10 Things To Do in Santorini, Greece (Or What Santorini Sites Should Be on Your Bucket List – “So unless you have been living under a rock that completely disconnects you from all of human society, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of the Greek Island of Santorini”. Here is a list of all the things to tick off your bucket list when you make your way to this amazing island that will “charm your heart and soul”.