Gurgaon, India

Gollu Rao Dhaba – When on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, and in-search of a Dhaba, Gollu Ram will give you the kind of rural and genuine atmosphere that you’re looking for. It’s pure vegetarian with just the right number of food options – not trying to please everyone – but requires a few tweaks to make the food memorable.

Burma Burma – The control over spices and importance given to flavours, especially those that dominate the regional cuisine, is what makes Burma Burma the new kid on the block that has everyone jealous. The playfulness of the food at the restaurant, especially in terms of textures is extremely stimulating.

Sublym – Sublym has a clean and clear menu, easy to understand, that focuses on South-East Asian and Indian cuisines rather than trying to please everyone. Limiting the menu to what you do best and sticking with it is also applaud worthy these days

Barcelos – Barcelos is the latest addition to the now extremely crowded Sector 29 restaurant space and like all the other places in this ever shrinking area, they will have to keep up with their A game, be innovative, and experimental if they want to continue attracting punters once the “coloured” bun craze fizzles out.

Bronx: The Brew Bar – Eating at the Bronx: The Brew Bar was a magnificent experience. The service was extraordinary and I can’t fault their food. Yes, I still have reservations when it comes to multi-cuisine restaurants, but Bronx is doing everything right.

Old Rao Hotel – With all the commercialization, bells and whistles, and the word-of-mouth popularity, Old Rao Hotel is definitely a place you’d want to stop and relax if it came in-between your journey, but is it a place I would make a special journey to, again, – honestly, I’m in two minds about that right now.

Stone Oven La Piazza – Serving from a small food-court booth, Stone Oven La Piazza serves a range of pizzas, some pasta and a few sides. They also convert the pizzas into sandwiches (think: pita bread filled with ingredients) which have also been a regular alternative for me to pizzas.

Chhabra Hotel and Family Restaurant – It’s hard to categorize Chhabra Restaurant; it’s not the metropolitan restaurant that one finds in malls or even city arcades and nor is it the conventional Dhaba. A village restaurant maybe, or a city-Dhaba; it might in the end not matter how it’s categorized because like with most things food all that ever matters is taste.

Crusty Gourmet Pizza & More – If you’ve been living in Gurgaon and enjoy eating pizza – I know people who don’t – then there’s a good chance that you’ve either tried Crusty Gourmet Pizza or have at least heard about them.

Spectra – I like walking into Spectra; the glass floor, the little entrance alley with the glass wine-rack walls, and then suddenly the vastness of a bright, shiny, and busy kitchen floor. Food is in the dead centre of the restaurant…

Biryani Art – One of the smaller restaurants in a local market that celebrated Hydrabadi Biryani and tries to bring forth authentic flavours that somewhat hit the mark.

Kyoto – Eating at Kyoto is a humbling experience. Kyoto being not the Japanese city, but a small restaurant in Gurgaon serving, you guessed it, Japanese food. It’s a quiet place in all respects; the guests are subdued, the decor is simple, the service is gentle.

Jamie’s Pizzeria -Whenever the name Jamie Oliver comes up, two things pop up in my mind. No, not Naked Chef silly, and no I’m not even talking about cookbooks, rather Jamie Oliver for me is synonymous with “fresh” and “local produce”.

Sushi Haus – Sushi Haus, which only does deliveries, unless you happen to find their stall at a food festival, is an outstanding option to have one of the most expensive food items in restaurants at excellent price. I can confidently say, after having ordered from them on two different occasions that their statement of using only the freshest ingredients is genuine and they stick to it.

Olive Bistro – Quirk is in and Olive Bistro is in the thick of it with an assortment of colourful tables and chair – some comfortable, others not so – plates and pots hanging off chandeliers, and a small cafe like appearance that is as comforting when empty as it can get claustrophobic when full.

Giani’s Ice Cream – Giani’s is somewhat of an institution when it comes to ice-cream. Surprisingly, I had not even heard about it till about a couple of years back when one of my family friends took me to this really tiny, dingy looking outlet of Giani’s in Connaught Place.

Leaping Caravan – I have a heart burn that has stayed with me since last night. The last time I experienced a similar heart burn was when in school I found out that the girl I had a secret crush on for almost a year was already seeing someone. Fortunately, this time the heartburn is more stomach related, and thus easily curable, and less to do with my love life.

Zaffran –  From what I ate, Zaffran seems to be a little hidden gem in the cut-throat world of the culinary business. Another attracting aspect of the restaurant is that it is moderately priced.

Pizza Express – I’ve always been a fan of Pizza Express. Their food, the world over, is exceptionally good and pretty much consistent through different regions. It’s a great change from the usual, especially in places where good options are scarce or if you are unsure about the other places and don’t want to be adventurous with your food. So, ever since they opened an outlet in Gurgaon, I had been patiently waiting to give the place a try.

For Foodies – It’s safe to say that when a new idea pops up in someone’s mind and is implemented to even moderate success, it doesn’t take long before that idea becomes a trend and everyone starts to follow it. I don’t know who rejuvenated the delivery-only food system in Gurgaon, but it’s at an all time high right now.

Sweets Corner – Sweets Corner was an early entrant in Gurgaon and as a result very successful. There would be people waiting outside to get in and an equal number of families inside staring at those already eating in the hope to make them uncomfortable enough to finish early.

Drift – As I think about Drift I find it difficult to categorise it; it’s not exactly a fine dining restaurant and nor is it one of those new-age restaurants that open every day and close every third day. There’s certain cosiness about Drift, a sense of familiarity and nostalgia even.

Burger Singh – Even though there is a massive burger war going on in this region with many restaurants aiming to be listed amongst the “best burgers in town”, Burger Singh can easily achieve a standing by rethinking some of these crucial points. Till then, it’s a good change from the usual burgers and something I wouldn’t mind trying again… once in a blue moon.

The Pasta Bowl Company – I’m still smiling. It’s been two days and I’m in love. Love with food that is. It’s not that difficult to find food that gratifies your stomach, but coming across something that satisfies your soul to the very core is almost unheard of.

InstaPizza – My search for alternative home-delivered pizza options continues with InstaPizza, a relatively recent addition to the scene that challenges the big chains with gusto and comes moderately close to giving them their money’s worth.

Indian Bistro Company – It’s close to 24 hours and I can’t even think about eating. I’m stuffed. You could hang me up on your trophy wall and people wouldn’t know the difference. It’s been ages since I have had this much food. “This much”, in case you’re wondering, is what I mean when I extend my hands in opposite directions and stretch to the maximum.

Fat Lulu’s– Fat Lulu’s is an awesome alternative to the usual pizza options that one has. It is a little expensive, but certainly worth the extra money.

Di Ghent – It’s hardly ever that a restaurant gets everything right; Di Ghent on the other hand makes it look so easy.

Cooper’s Grill & Bar – Cooper’s Grill & Bar works for the customer on a number of occasions; you can visit it for some drinks after work, or have a quick bite if not too hungry, and lastly it also works well for a place to have a proper dinner.

Roots: Cafe in the Park –  is an excellent place to visit. The food is outstanding and you can pretty much order anything with your eyes closed and it should turn out to your liking.


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Fresc Co.

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TGI Friday’s

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