…because “laughter is the best medicine”



8 Places Around The World I Had A Little Too Much… (Alcohol) – Sometimes I wonder if my mental techniques of remembering places I’ve visited are a little weird. I usually recollect moments by the books I bought or movie theaters I visited. Sometimes, it’s about the people – strangers even – that I encountered for a few minutes or restaurants I ate at, or farts I passed while bunking in the same room with friends (go back and read that again. You read it right the first time round).

16 Annoying Food Habits (Some) People Have – That made me think about the compete change in the scenario. Here we were on common grounds. A restaurant, where the food, the location, the ambiance, the atmosphere, the people around us, everything was random and couldn’t be blamed on the people I was with anymore. This was the challenge I had been searching for.

Dear Food Blogger, – Some – including myself – might call it an Open Letter to Food Bloggers, but in reality it is more of a Dear John (insert food blogger name in place of John, unless you are a food blogger called John), letter.

10 Things People Say When I Tell Them I’m a Food Blogger – The title says it all… that’s why it’s so long.

My Humble Request to All Restaurants – The one where I present some revolutionary fantastical ideas for the restaurant industry.

13 Annoying People I’ve Had Over for Dinner – The post, after which, most of my dinner invites where found in trashcans across the country.

10 Annoying Hosts I’ve Dined With – I’m pretty sure it’s the postman, but for some reason this year I haven’t received any dinner invites. I wonder what else could it be…



Making Money Off Naughty Souvenirs – The story goes, as told to me, that when men (being men) would want to have a little fun while at a party, at someone’s house, or at a place where a person is expected to be respectable, they would use these cups for their drinks.

11 Annoying People You Meet During a Flight – Aaaaah! the joys of flying. I’m being sarcastic here. From being a nervous wreck before and during a flight to meeting different “types” of people, as much as I love to travel, airplane travel is yet to charm me.

Travel Quick(y) – Bathroom Humour – A Look at the humourous decor found in the Men’s Bathroom at the Radisson Blu in Antwerp.