…because “laughter is the best medicine”



8 Places Around The World I Had A Little Too Much… (Alcohol) – Sometimes I wonder if my mental techniques of remembering places I’ve visited are a little weird. I usually recollect moments by the books I bought or movie theaters I visited. Sometimes, it’s about the people – strangers even – that I encountered for a few minutes or restaurants I ate at, or farts I passed while bunking in the same room with friends (go back and read that again. You read it right the first time round).

16 Annoying Food Habits (Some) People Have – That made me think about the compete change in the scenario. Here we were on common grounds. A restaurant, where the food, the location, the ambiance, the atmosphere, the people around us, everything was random and couldn’t be blamed on the people I was with anymore. This was the challenge I had been searching for.

Dear Food Blogger, – Some – including myself – might call it an Open Letter to Food Bloggers, but in reality it is more of a Dear John (insert food blogger name in place of John, unless you are a food blogger called John), letter.

10 Things People Say When I Tell Them I’m a Food Blogger – The title says it all… that’s why it’s so long.

My Humble Request to All Restaurants – The one where I present some revolutionary fantastical ideas for the restaurant industry.

13 Annoying People I’ve Had Over for Dinner – The post, after which, most of my dinner invites where found in trashcans across the country.

10 Annoying Hosts I’ve Dined With – I’m pretty sure it’s the postman, but for some reason this year I haven’t received any dinner invites. I wonder what else could it be…



The Real Truth Behind the Most Popular Travel Quotes – I’ve taken eight of the most popular travel quotes out there and shared my thoughts on them. The bonus is that I’ve tried to be funny about it and as ambiguous as my sense of humour is, I’d like you to also think about the quotes and what they could possibly mean, so that if and when you use them again, a little voice in your head tells you to re-think your decision.

Making Money Off Naughty Souvenirs – The story goes, as told to me, that when men (being men) would want to have a little fun while at a party, at someone’s house, or at a place where a person is expected to be respectable, they would use these cups for their drinks.

11 Annoying People You Meet During a Flight – Aaaaah! the joys of flying. I’m being sarcastic here. From being a nervous wreck before and during a flight to meeting different “types” of people, as much as I love to travel, airplane travel is yet to charm me.

Travel Quick(y) – Bathroom Humour – A Look at the humourous decor found in the Men’s Bathroom at the Radisson Blu in Antwerp.